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Hedgehog sighting!!

Home Forums Hedgehog tales Hedgehog sighting!!

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    Hi ya,

    We saw our first hedgehog last night!! Luckily we had some hedgehog food still in stock and it was lovely to see one of the five that went into hibernation at the end of last year and we put out their bowl of water for them.

    We know it’s pretty mild at the moment, but isn’t it a bit early for hedgehogs to start waking up?


    Tina x

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    Hi Tina

    It is quite early, still. But the weather has been so strange this year with alternating mild and cold spells. It’s possible a hog may have come out of hibernation for the year, but it’s also possible that it was an interim ‘wake up’ and that it might go back into hibernation again. They apparently sometimes wake up and even build new hibernating nests during the course of hibernation time.

    But the males do tend to come out of hibernation earlier than the females – usually March, but it isn’t that long now. [The females up to 2 months later (but they go into hibernation later). It gives the males a chance to put on condition before the females turn up and they then use up a lot of energy on courtship ‘dances’!] Just hope we don’t have another cold spell in March like we did last year!

    There is also the possibility that a non-hibernator might be exploring further afield if the weather is mild.

    I think it’s a good idea to leave food and water our for them, for whatever reason they may be around.

    Good luck with them all.


    Thanks for the info Nic – I hope we see him/her/them again tonight!!

    Tina x


    My first hedgehog came out in January I have put food out all winter because a couple of years ago they didn’t hibernate. The blackbirds have enjoyed the extra food. The last few days they have emerged the night before last in one night out of 39 shots on my camera only 7 didn’t have a hedgehog in it. I have at least 2 autumn babies that have survived which if I had seen them in the autumn I would have sent away to overwinter. I had 3 of varying sizes feeding at once including a small one. Two of them were rolling each other about later in the evening. I have 8 hedgehog houses in my garden which will be increased as I tidy the garden.

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    Hi Hoglet

    Sounds like quite a hedgehog village with 8 houses! Definitely sounds like you have some males back there – if they’re rolling each other up!



    Hi need some advise please last night on my camera watching my hedgehog I realised have three hedgehogs I think 2 males fighting over 1 female this morning there was the usual poo plus quills covered in blood the big make had lots of dark patches all over his back can anyone help. Yesterday I found poo with what looked like blood can anyone advise please


    Please contact your nearest carer and talk to them. The number is on the front page of this forum
    It is rare for hogs to draw blood on each other so it may be another injury or parasite.



    Many thanks Steph will ring them for advise

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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