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Hedgehog signs and sightings

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    About a week ago I noticed that the bottom of one of my log piles had been closed off with a mixture of dried grass and leaves, so I thought a hedgehog must have made a nest in it. Then yesterday I observed that the bottom of the log pile had been dug out and leaves etc and pieces of wood scattered nearby. Is this the work of a badger? I have only occasionally seen signs of badger activity in my garden, and not recently (or so I thought!).


    Hi, Have had hogs for 3 years. They stopped coming on Friday, but appeared last night again. Have kept putting food out and 2 adults were feeding and drinking at various intervals until abourt 4am, (I have a camera trap). We have had as many as 7 at a time but most have now hibernated.

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    Hi Froolite

    Sorry, it’s impossible to say whether it was a badger – possibly, but possibly a dog, or a fox – very difficult to say. Maybe you need to get a night camera to see what’s going on!

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    Hi Bilco178

    I usually keep putting some food out for a while (at least a couple of weeks) after I have seen the last hog. Sometimes other hogs turn up or even hoglets, where other people have stopped feeding. Some people continue to leave a small amount of food out all winter in case. But some hogs (mostly hoglets) decide not to hibernate and if you have one of those visiting just keep providing food and water as normal for as long as it continues to visit

    It’s a good idea to leave water available all day every day, including during the winter. Hogs sometimes come out of hibernation for brief periods during the winter and may welcome a drink.


    Hello, I have been putting food out since September, the hogs enjoyed what they had, but for 2 nights, no sign of them. I reckon they may be hibernating, should I continue with biscuits only? I put out fresh water for them.


    Yes continue with the biscuits and water. If hogs have been eating a lot and suddenly stop they haven’t gone into hibernation, it’s probably just the cold weather.
    Prior to hibernation you’ll notice a tail off of eating – less food taken and only some nights


    Thank you Stef for your advice. I went out yesterday morning, as it stopped raining, but still no sign of them. I put some biscuits by their house in their flowerpot, which they used to turnaround or I would find it elsewhere in the garden. It is quite cold here in Essex


    iv got a big shed and it has a gap that was there when i built it up over the years iv noticed hogs in the garden ..but lately the hole has been backfilled with the soil from under the shed….do you think iv got a hog in there just now???

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    Hi Banditbob

    I can’t say whether there might be a hog in the shed (although, do you mean the gap was into the shed or underneath it). In my experience hogs do not dig to that extent and it sounds more likely that it’s a rat (or other burrowing animal). (rats can create fairly large mounds of soil when excavating a burrow or, even bolt holes). If the soil is blocking a hole into the shed, which hogs may need for access, I would be inclined to clear the accessway, in case. If a hog was nesting near a hole into the shed, it would be more likely to be blocked with vegetation, i.e. grasses, leaves, etc.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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