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    We have had two or three hedgehogs visiting our garden. One has been a resident for at least three years and the other two visit.

    I found one hedgehog in broad daylight one morning by my bird ground feeding cage. I put it in a hedgehog house and went to check on it before going to work. It had moved and there was blood on the straw. I checked again after work and it seemed to be ok. That night, I set my camera on the entrance to the house to see if it came out to feed. When I went to it the next morning, the hedgehog house was on its back and the hedgehog was in a hollow in a ball. The wildlife camera revealed one of the visiting foxes trying to attack it and kill it. I took the hedgehog to the vet for a check up and collected it the following day. It seemed to be in good health with an old broken leg and a few scars on its face.

    The next night, I placed the camera on the entrance to the hedgehog feeding station and was dismayed to see that a fox (probably the same one), had stealthily kept up to hedgehog that was just outside the back door. There was a squeal and the camera recorded the fox take the hedgehog away. I am devastated and now fear for the other hedgehogs in the garden. Up until now the foxes have cohabited side by side and shown no interest in attacking the hedgehogs. I think the fox culprit is one of last years cubs. I fear there’s nothing I can do to deter the foxes now. incidentally, a fox was seen the day before, stalking our four month old puppy.

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    Sorry to hear about your problem with foxes. I know there are sometimes reports of foxes and hedgehogs not bothering each other, but foxes are predators and cannot be trusted. In that, I am not demonising foxes – predators are predators, that is their nature and in a completely natural situation both predator and prey play their part.

    But apparently some foxes become specialists at catching and killing hedgehogs. Once they have learnt how to do it, it seems likey they will continue and also potentially pass the technique on to their young. I understand that they wait until a heddgehog is unrolled and then pounce – so that they don’t have to worry too much about the spines. So, sadly, I would be worried about the other hogs, too.

    Some people say that male urine deters them, I have never had a fox problem so never tried it, but it may be worth a try.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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