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Hedgehog update (Snuffles)

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    Okay I shall try and cut this long story short. At the end of January I found a dead hedgehog in my garden right by my nature pile. I thought it was Snuffles my regular visitor to my garden.
    As I was very upset my Daughter and her Fiance’ treated me to some new hedgehog homes, food etc.
    I placed one of the homes out straight away as a feeding station.

    Now cut to this weekend, after keeping an eye (around 4 weeks) on the old home used by Snuffles and after placing twigs in front of the entrance and seeing that they had not been disturb, I decided to place the new home out in place of the old one.
    Now imagine my horror and delight of finding tucked up in the home a hibernating hedgehog. The old home was rotting away at the base.

    I have placed the hedgehog into the new home with all it original bedding etc, and have placed twigs etc in front on the entrance to see if any movement is made. As well as leaving my trail camera out. The hedgehog was heavy and looked healthy.

    I honestly feel bad for disturbing the hibernating hedgehog (tight rolled up ball) hence my horror! delighted that one is still alive (it rippled when I gently placed it in a bucket whilst getting new home ready).
    Still very upset over finding the dead hedgehog back in January and wont know for sure till I see him/her on video footage to see if the hedgehog in its home is Snuffles or a different hedgehog.

    Can I just add I would never disturb a hibernating hedgehog if I knew for sure one was in its home. I honestly thought the dead hedgehog was my regular visitor, so hence why I did what I did.


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    Hi Julie

    Hopefully the hog stayed tucked up in the new house? Don’t worry too much about it. You’re right it’s best not to disturb them, but it was an honest mistake and you did your best to put things right.

    Maybe you have some hogs up and about by now? Maybe Snuffles? Although any hog is a good hog to have around! None here yet, but I’m hoping some will return soon.


    Thank you Nic, no signs yet of hedgehog up and about, trail camera is in the garden pointing towards the area where the hog is and the entrance has not been disturbed.

    The weather is still chilly where I am, very frosty last night, I know the cold weather doesn’t seem to bother some hogs.
    Hoping once the temperature starts to get a bit warmer I will see the hog or other hogs. Should be able to tell if it is Snuffles as Snuffles had a lot of fur round the face. I have made sure food and fresh water is left out.

    Shall keep you updated.


    Update… I have had the first sitting of the hedgehog, I am so pleased I have cried.

    It was not a full photo of the hedgehog, just the top half of the body so could not tell is it was Snuffles or not.
    Just pleased I have seen the hedgehog and that the hedgehog is still enjoying my garden.

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    That’s really exciting Sindybird! So pleased for you there is a hog out and about there. Hopefully you’ll soon get a better view and hopefully it will be the first of many.

    Good luck and happy hog watching!


    That should of said sighting… not sitting… lol.

    Anyway I can now confirm Snuffles is still here and using the new home. Looks very healthy and still looking fat.
    Now hoping Snuffles will use the feeding home I placed in the garden.

    Still upset about the other hedgehog I found dead, such precious animals. Here’s hoping many more visit my garden.



    Photo of Snuffles

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    Hi Julie

    The photo of Snuffles didn’t come out. The links only work if the photo is already somewhere on the internet. But what you could do, to get an image on fairly quickly is to change your profile pic to the photo. It comes out quite small, of course, but gives an idea. Then you could put the ‘proper’ photo onto the photo gallery on the home page (which takes a bit longer).


    Thank youNic, I shall try changing my profile picture.

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