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Hedgehog video diary

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    These two appear to be at ease with each other and I’ve seen them eating together several times. Similar size, possibly siblings?

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    Hi Bushsnuffler

    They could be siblings, but hoglets seem to like either sharing or eating near other hogs – it can sometimes be with adults, who aren’t necessarily their parent or other hoglets which are older. They will often edge an otherwise grumpy male out of the bowl he’s been eating from but they will also share with adult females who aren’t their mother. The adults (male and female) seem to be incredibly tolerant of them when they’re small.


    Feel free to comment within this thread or click on my profile picture (hedgehog) in the top left of the video if you want to comment, like or subscribe to my YouTube channel and see more videos


    The resident hog in the front garden emerges from the hog house to join his buddy in the feeding station


    The resident hog in our front garden appears to have hibernated now as the front of the hog house is now blocked from the inside with nesting material. Still getting another hog occasionally out the front. Still getting these two out the back, one of which is quite small as you can see from the comparison….


    The larger hog which I’m pretty sure is the old back garden resident Hector…


    Both together…


    I think all the regular hog visitors to our front and back gardens are hibernating now as haven’t seen any since this small hog on the 16th of December…


    Our back garden hog has already got into the routine of regular visits to the feeding station every night, often eats/drinks then returns 20-40 minutes later for the same and can repeat this several times over the night. I had some nights last year where the same hog would sometimes visit 8-10 times in a night. They are obviously quite small animals but I still find it quite odd that they often eat small amounts then return so much rather than having a good feed in one visit. I do worry a bit how much me feeding them is ‘supplementary’ or maybe replacing their natural diet a bit too much so I never put a lot of food out and sometimes skip a day so they don’t rely on it too much.

    I decided to start moving the feeding station around a bit just to make them work for it a bit more and not get into a lazy routine. In this video I put it on the decking it is living under, you can see how they are good at scrambling over obstacles…and also totally ignoring the purpose built hedgehog steps I made 🤣

    As always feel free to comment here or on my YouTube channel

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    Hi Bushsnuffler

    If you think of how hogs eat, naturally in the wild, they would maybe find something to eat and then search a bit, find something else, etc. So maybe it isn’t so strange that they eat small amounts and and make multiple visits. Hopefully in between visits the hogs are doing a bit of natural foraging.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the one in the video getting too much food, though – from the rear view it’s looking fairly narrow – although video can be deceiving, of course. But, seems to know it’s way around already!

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 84 total)

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