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Hedgehog warning road signs

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    I have recently become aware of new road signs for hedgehogs.
    Link here;
    I have written to my local council to find out how to get signs installed and if it is possible. I am making progress. They have sent a response and application form but said they need to know the exact location of hogs crossing and that I should seek the help of local wildlife/ conservation groups to help work this out. Currently I have asked them what evidence they need ( eg: survey,photos or footprint tracks etc and am waiting for their reply). They said a previous application the Council submitted in another part of the county was refused, as the Dept for Transport needed this information and it was not available. Has anyone else tried this or been successful ? Currently I only have footage of hogs in my garden and honestly not sure where there cross in terms of roads. I have trail cameras but don’t really want to put them in a public area to see where they cross in case they are removed. I was hoping they could go on the main road as there have been sightings logged at either end of the village which is along the road. Any feedback or your experience with this would be helpful.

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    Hi char 2020

    I haven’t actually tried to get one of those new signs, myself. Before those signs became available a couple of years ago, I had spoken to someone from my local Council and discovered all the hoops that needed jumping through to have a sign put up – in those days you could have one prepared yourself if you paid for it. I came to the conclusion that it was unlikely it would ever be agreed to. i.e. as well as the things you mentioned, the applicant would need to find a suitable location, not interfering with or adding too much to other street furniture (other signs) (when the trend was to try to reduce street furniture), road safety, etc., etc.

    I do recall the new signs being mentioned once or twice on the Forum, but as I remember there seemed to be similar problems to those you have encountered. I don’t think I have ever heard of any successes in that respect – although I suppose there must be somewhere!

    However, you may be able to find some useful information from the Big Hedgehog Map. i.e. there may be an area where there have been numbers of roadkill reported. (One of the reasons why it is important that everyone logs roadkill onto the Big Hedgehog Map – although also because it gives an idea of how much roadkill there actually is nationwide). If you have a location near to you where there has been a lot of roadkill, it may be possible for you to put some footprint tunnels in the vicinity. Alternatively, if the site you have in mind is near to your own garden, you may be able to get some evidence from there.

    Not sure how main your main road is, but there seems to be some indication that smaller roads are more dangerous for hogs. You may already have seen this, but in case not:

    Sorry, I can’t be much help, but well done for making the effort. Good luck and let us know if you are successful.


    I am also looking to ask my local council for a hedgehog sign on a part of road where I’ve noticed a number of killed hedgehogs. How have you got on with your campaign?


    It’s very difficult-seems to depend on your council. I tried and failed and I even had the support of the Wildlife Trust as well as the BHPS recent report and evidence.
    Keep trying though, you might be lucky and get someone who will put them up. Be precise and direct in your application, be factual and clear as it will all help. Use the Big Hedgehog Map to prove that they are being recorded as killed on a particular stretch of road. If there’s nothing on that map, start asking locals to record sightings (dead and alive) as this is a very important piece of evidence.
    My local council refused but said we could put them up in private gardens so log as they didn’t obstruct highway signs and weren’t a danger to pedestrians (e.g. too low or sticking out).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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