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Hedgehog with missing front leg

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    I regularly have several hedgehogs visit my garden , I leave out spikes hedgehog food and fresh water and have a wildlife camera to see what’s going on. over the last two nights i have seen a hedgehog on the camera that has a missing front leg. the camera footage is quite clear and there doesn’t seem to be any injury. the hedgehog is quite quick and mobile, is a good size with no obvious ticks and seems to be eating and drinking ok. should i be concerned and try and catch the hedgehog to get a vet to look at the leg? any advice would be appreciated.


    I am not an expert in these matters. I would ring BHPS to find out who your local carer is and ask there advice.
    My gut instinct, if you can’t see an injury and it looks healthy is to hope he comes back for food and water and keep an eye on it. Any signs of getting worse I would take it to a local wildlife vet/ carer. Your carer should know who the local wildlife vet is. They do not charge.
    Last year we took an injured hedgehog to the vet and he had a back leg amputated. We were told it is harder for a hedgehog without a front leg as they dig for food.
    So- I would put plenty of food and water out and keep a watchful eye.
    Also if you do take to the vet or carer, say you want to bring him back when he is well. He knows your area and may do better than being released somewhere else. Please keep me posted as to how he gets on.



    Many thanks , I will see what happens tonight and will keep you posted.

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    Hi ajs

    I would ring BHPS to find your local hedgehog carer, today and get some advice, so that if you see the hog tonight you will be able to catch it if necessary and have a box ready to put it in, etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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