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Hedgehogs and slugs

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    Thought I would mention recent sightings on my trail cam. I thought hedgehogs ate slugs but I have observed a large slug and a hog sharing the food together on a couple of occasions!

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    Hi paulwj

    Yes, that’s quite normal, especially if it’s damp. It isn’t those really big slugs that they eat, it’s normally the much smaller ones. The good news is that it’s the smaller ones who apparently do most of the damage to plants. Having said that, slugs don’t form a huge part of their diet. Probably what they eat most is beetles. That’s why if you find poo of a hog who has been eating a natural diet, you will see shiny black bits from beetle wings.


    I can definitely confirm that they don’t eat all the slugs in my garden! I wish they did but I still have to put slug traps near my delphiniums. The hedgehogs can’t get at the Fullers London Pride in the traps that our slugs love .They’re obviously real ale fans. NB: My hedgehogs behave more like lager louts anyway.


    Agree.. 4 hogs and completely ignore the slugs.. quite fancy a juicy worm though


    In the summer, it seemed all the slugs and snails were living in the hedgehog feeding station, absolutely tons of them, and now they have all disappared – completely, also there was a snail in there the other day, the next day, the shell was empty – so someone must have eaten it.

    I don’t know if the hedgehogs have been eating them and that’s why they have disappeared, I haven’t noticed them eating the slugs – usually I think the hedgehogs just ignore them .

    And I also found out, slugs and snails like dried hedgehog food, but avoid the wet dog food. IHowever, I found a bunch of flies eggs in the wet dog food – so flies like lying their eggs on the wet food it seemed. Just gotta make sure I keep the feeding station clean and remove the poo as it attracts flies. I don’t want the hogs eating fly eggs – not sure if that would lead to fly strike if they ate them?

    For now I don’t know where all the slugs and snails have disappeared to – but I’m very pleased they’ve gone.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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