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Hedgehogs have moved into my guinea pig hutch!

Home Forums Hedgehog tales Hedgehogs have moved into my guinea pig hutch!

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    I got a shock when I opened my guinea pigs cage to find that a hedgehog had moved in to the upstairs bedroom!
    It’s a 2 storey hutch with a pipe cut through the downstairs mesh so the Guinness pig can permanently roam free into the garden at any time.
    Checked it again in the week to find the hedgehog had 2 hoglets hidden the bedding. Then yesterday there was a second adult downstairs curled up in the straw. Meanwhile Peanut the guinea pig seems quite happy hot bedding with the hedgehog or sleeping alongside! We’ve been feeding cat biscuits to the hedgehogs for some time in the garden and I’m delighted they’ve taken up residence.


    That’s a lovely story Chissymoo, cheered me up no end, peanut sounds like a really chilled out dude! 🙂 Our lot mysteriously vanished over a month ago and there’s still no sign. 🙁


    How gorgeous, Guinea pigs do actually love company.

    I know the advice is not to pair them up, but before we had a house rabbit and guinea pigs also moved inside, mum adopted a rabbit called Thumper, when she had only just before adopted two cute guinea pigs. Thumper came unexpectedly, so she got a three storey hutch with a run for the outside. But she closed off the top section, where the guinea s where, just in case the large rabbit Thumper doesn’t hump them to death.

    Anyway, it got colder, and they were moved to the greenhouse, and I did that, but for some reason, I can’t remember why, they were all toghether, and the reaction was just beautiful, Thumper flopped over in pure happiness and the two guinea’s were licking him and seemed very happy about him being there. So from that day on, they had a very happy existance where Thumper constantly licked him, and the guineas snuggled up to him, like he was their mother.

    Before we joined them up, Thumper had free run of the garden, which gave a chance for the guineas to enjoy the run – but after they were joined, Thumper wouldn’t like to spend too long roaming in the garden, as he hated to be seperated from his two buddies.

    Then Thumper died, and we found a very large German lop rabbit on fireworks night (not long after) and he moved inside and also the guineas then was moved inside too.

    And Fudge (the lop) hated the guinea pigs, and would jump on their cage and poo on them deliberately, but the cat loved him, and would socially distance about 1m apart but good friends, then the cat died and mum got a dog Polly who was very good with Fudge, and would often, on an evening, spend some time each evening lying side by side on the rug.

    Polly was very protective of Fudge, as whenever he went to the patio doors to go outside, Polly would sort of stand over him, and seemed to check the garden for him. Very cute.

    I love it when different species get along, I just think it’s super cute. But obviously the advice is a big NO. But when it works out, it is lovely.

    I think Thumper thought he was a guinea pig, maybe not, but for sure Fudge thought he was one of the dogs (after all he was about the same size as Polly) and mum, at that time, looked after my brother’s two dogs who are minuture, who also got along with Fudge.

    I can remember once, I had to ring the police about something, they came round – and all three dogs and Fudge were all sprawled out together on the one rug – They said ‘what is going on here’, they found it amusing, and the female officer couldn’t get over how cute they were.


    Well, that’s a delightful surprise! It sounds like you’ve got a cozy little animal commune going on in your guinea pig hutch. The fact that Peanut, the guinea pig, doesn’t mind sharing space with hedgehogs is just heartwarming.
    Nature has a way of surprising us, and it’s wonderful to hear that you’ve been feeding cat biscuits to the hedgehogs in your garden. It’s like they’ve decided to take up residence in your guinea pig’s fancy two-story hutch!
    While I hope you’ve found a solution for this charming cohabitation, I’d also suggest checking out what PocketPets has to say about these situations. They might have some valuable insights or advice for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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