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Hedgehogs killed in South Wales Park

Home Forums Champions’ chat Hedgehogs killed in South Wales Park

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    This was in the local paper 4 days ago. Bargoed Park Hedgehogs Allegedly Killed by Caerphilly Council workers.
    They Alledgedly killed 6 of them using Strimmers and Lawnmowers in the park and left the bodies lying on the ground.A local resident found the first one oñ July 1st and the most ‘recent one on August 1st.
    I’m sorry I can’t put the link to it on here,I’m not very good with things like that but if you put on Google Council workers killed hedgehogs in Bargoed Park it should come straight up. The paper was The South Wales Argus.


    Hi Welsh Ann, it unbelievable isn’t it, maybe someone on the gang has something against hogs, but more likely they have a job to do in a set time. I would urge everyone to get in touch with your council /County Council and local housing assos and ask them to check before cutting grass and state they are endangered animals. I have listed 3 places of contact as in Lancashire the grass cutting is divided into 3 main bodies who cut grass. I have had a visit from my local council to discuss the issue, but sadly, a lot of the work is now being done by contractors due to cash strapped councils. I also sent a copy of hedgehog awareness to these bodies in my contacting emails. In our paper we saw someone had left some sort of sausage, doctored, in a park. It may have been targeted at hogs or even a dog, but whatever, any animal eating what they left would have caused terrible suffering. Best wishes to you all.


    Hi Welsh Ann,
    What a horrid story.
    Well done the person who persevered and kept complaining.
    Strimmers and lawnmowers are also lethal in gardens.
    I feel myself cringing when I hear one being used.


    Hi Annker , a lot of people have been getting in contact with the council,I wrote to the parks department today,I hope something will be done,they say they have sought advice from BHPS and measures have been put in place to stop this happening again,we’ll see !!!!.
    Well done on what your doing and I wish you well, that was horrible about the doctored sausage left in a park,I don’t know what’s the matter with some people.

    Hi Simbo65, yes a real horrid story,I also cring when I hear a strimmer, I’ve gone up to people who have been cutting the grass near us on the road side and in a couple of gardens and explained about hogs,hopefully it did some good.


    Hi Welsh Ann, I do hope they have done something, I think they view people like us as cranks sometimes! Just let’s hope they didn’t wipe out a whole generation of hogs with their carelessness. I have seen some of these contractors come and just kick stuff out of the way of a mower, and like you both say, I cringe when I hear a strimmer, even though my hubby uses one! We do carefully look, I promise you. My hubby knows I would have him get the car out right away to get one to a vet! I don’t want to say what the meat was contaminated with in our park, I’m sure you realise what some idiots are like. I wish you all the best and glad you sent the email, well done.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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