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Hedgehog’s legs collapsing?

Home Forums Carers / rescuing a hedgehog Hedgehog’s legs collapsing?

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    Hi, new to the forum. Been reading posts for a while which has been really helpful as I’m new to discovering hogs in my garden. We have at least 2 regular male visitors who come most nights (seen on wildlife camera). Last nights footage showed one happily eating, but as he went to walk, his back leg seemed to bow and collapse slightly under his weight. He recovered, then as he went to walk away, both front legs went down and he seemed to push himself along the floor by using his back legs. I’ve read about chin rubbing on another post so I don’t know if this is deliberate behaviour but I’ve never seen it before and I’m worried if he’s injured. I have two videos but I’m not sure if I’m able to post them on this site. Does anyone have any advice? I’m really worried that something is wrong with him. Thanks for any help.


    Sorry you didn’t get a response earlier – it’s always best if you’re really worried to contact your nearest carer – the number to find one is on this page.
    I hope you managed to contact a carer for advice


    I had a Hog a couple of years ago and rang a couple of Hog rehab places but they couldn’t help me . But one lady was very helpful but was too far away to help, and told me to take it to my nearest vet’s who do not charge to look at and treat wild animals. So i did sadly he had got a very bad injury and did not survive, hope you get him looked at good luck Sue xx


    Hi, I have observed this is my visiting hogs too. It started with one, then two or three more showed the same signs. Their legs would try to lift, but flail to the side or the hog would collapse in the middle of walking. It also looked neurological.
    I contacted a local hog rescue who were worried that it was symptoms of a virus going around and told me to keep an eye on things.
    They seemed to be walking a little better over the next few nights but now only one hog is continuing to visit.
    I’m hoping that they are just temporarily away in a nursery nest, but fear the worst.
    If it is any help to anyone else, I was told to sterilise all feeding/drinking equipment daily and even to stop feeding temporarily as the virus seemed to be contagious.
    Could I ask……Did your hedgehog recover?


    Today I rang our local vet regarding an injured hedgehog limping in our garden. They said to bring it in and we will take a look at it and if it can be saved they would then send it to their local lady who cares for them. A couple of hours later I rang the vet to ask had the hedgehog been saved but to my amazement was told they can not tell me what has happened to it because of DATA PROTECTION. This hedgehog has been a frequent visitor for a number of years and my wife was very upset when we were unable to get an update.
    Data Protection – really.


    Hi 2cats, it sounds like there is a miscommunication here. Reading this I suspect the vets have moved the hog to the carer, and quite rightly they wouldn’t be allowed to give you the carers number. I suggest you call them again and ask them to pass your number onto the carer for an update. Most carers will be happy to do that


    The veterinarians shouldn’t disclose the data of the hedgehog’s guardian.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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