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Hedgehogs stopped coming to garden

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    Hi Nic, yes I did read the advice which is helpful. The trouble is that the circumstances that the rescue hogs come from are many and various, including disturbed or unsuitable environments. I agree that they should be released as close as possible to where they were rescued from and certainly in type of environment (suburban, rural etc). I am also concerned about overloading the local feeding opportunities.
    At the moment I’ve got 3 foster hogs in hutches and my current issue is to ensure that they gain enough weight for a safe release. I have noticed in the last few days that their weight gains have slowed down as the nights get colder and wonder if this is typical. I also have to be alert to the possibility of sickness. One if the hogs suddenly lost a lot of weight so I took him straight to the rescue centre for treatment. All three hogs came from Warwickshire Hedgehog Rescue so we do know their history and I’ll ensure that they are eventually released in the right locations. This is my first year as a carer and I’ve been astonished by how vulnerable they are and how many diseases and problems they are prone to! Thanks for all your input which I greatly value.




    I am new to this but I have also been feeding hogs in my garden . Got a HH too ( don’t think they are in there) mine also have stopped coming into my garden the past two nights . Feeding station is completely covered and waterproof and they have loved it – sometimes running to it !They are very large so I assume male . Is hibernating in early October what they do ?I thought it was early but I don’t know enough … I’m hoping they return and nothing sinister has happened to them I know they are wild but hey I can’t help it 🥰


    Hi JMG
    I’m sure you will receive expert advice to your ? And I’m no expert!
    But from what I’ve learnt from the site and personal experience is that you shouldn’t give up on them coming back! I have a male ( Big Bruiser) who tends to come and go! I had given up some weeks ago on him returning – but he came back! So I always put out enough food for the hogs living in my garden and for him, just in case he fancies eating at this hog restaurant 😂
    I think I’ve also read that because males don’t have the babies, they are at a good weight earlier, so may hibernate earlier!
    Sounds like your smitten with the little cuties as I am ! x



    Hi hettihog
    Thank you for your reply, Yes I am very smitten with them and hope they do return… I have a camera that I go through to see if anything could have put them off but there is nothing active other than the hogs when they were in . I’ll not give up an continue to feed them .😘

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    Hi JMG

    Size isn’t a reliable indicator of male or female i.e. some females are larger than some males. But some of the hogs have probably started hibernating already, so they may not return this year. If they are males they tend to hibernate earlier and to come out of hibernation earlier than the females, so keep an eye out for them late winter/early spring.

    I would keep feeding, in case, as often at this time of year hoglets seem to appear from somewhere. Possibly other people have stopped feeding. The hoglets are often around even after all the adults have disappeared. Some hogs decide not to hibernate at all and some might come out of hibernation for short periods and welcome a snack. Definitely always leave a water source out all day every day, all year round.

    I hope the hogs are back next year, if not before.


    Hi all, I’ve got a similar problem, the hogs are hardly eating. The small amount of food that has gone the last three nights tells me it’s one of the little hogs still eating. I’ve checked cctv as I last saw Big Benny perused by a cat, both going at high speed. He is still around, thank goodness, also going in the feeding station and another, possibly one of the female I’ve not seen since spring, also going into the feeding station, but none are eating! Same food, not even opened a new packet (as happened once before). So, from being eaten out of house and home, to nothing! It’s very strange. It is 53%F at the moment, feels very cold to me, but leaves still not fallen from the trees. Hogs still about. Can’t work this out. Best wishes.

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