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Hedgie came out earlier today

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Hedgie came out earlier today

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    I put some food out earlier today and I looked out of the window it was 8.30 pm and it had all gone so walked into the garden and there was Hedgie hiding in the undergrowth, I filled up the bowl again and he/she was back at 9.15 and polished off the lot so it seems two pouches were eaten tonight but it is a tad colder than usual so Hedgie may need it

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    Hi Tiggsie

    Yes, some hogs get used to when we put the food out, but sometimes get there a little bit early. I’ve been caught out once or twice not putting the food out quite early enough. Of course, you might have more than one hog visiting!

    Keep up the good work. Happy hog watching!


    My hog came out early tonight had a root around and went back in his house, but earlier I thought it was strange because I could see him asleep in the entrance. Then at about 9 o’clock he came out and went into the feeding station, but a couple of minutes later another fully grown hog came out , do male and female hogs bed down together. Have previously seen them in the garden together, was brill . That’s why one of them could be seen asleep near the entrance not enough room at the inn.

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    Hi scoobysue

    No, the male and female hogs do not normally bed down together, although never say never! We can only surmise as to what was happening. One scenario I can imagine is that another male went into the box when the current resident was absent and when he came back he couldn’t get the other one out, if it was curled up in the box, so may have settled down in the entrance instead. That would mean the other hog was trapped in there until the one in the doorway moved – so he may have been quite keen to get out at the first opportunity. Sometimes, we just never know, for certain!

    However people do occasionally report that hogs are sharing a hog box. Often it’s youngsters.

    Good news that you’ve seen a male and female. Fingers crossed there might be some hoglets later on!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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