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Help! Small hog found lying under the bird feeders this morning

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    I found a smallish hog (haven’t weighed it yet) under the bird feeders this morning. I have been feeding kitten biscuits and provided a water source every night but I think the local cats are getting into the hogilo to eat the biscuits before the hogs do.

    I thought this little one was dead – I picked it up and it curled, so I thought there must be some hope. I’ve wrapped it in hay, and put it in the hogilo with a fan heater on it for now – I haven’t got a suitable cardboard box in the house – typical.

    I’ve called the RSPCA and they’ve given me a log number for the local vet that’s open today 12-1pm, so I’ll take it there and get emergency treatment if they think it will make it.

    Any advice would be much appreciated! There is a rescue centre in another town, but if it’s sensible to do so, I’d much rather care for the hog here, and release it in the spring.


    So now the panic has subsided, I’ve remembered the little cat carrier at the back of the cupboard under the stairs, and little hog is now in that, with fleece blankets on top of a not-too-hot water bottle. And bits of hay sticking to it, which I’m sure the vet will love!

    I’m hopeful that it will survive, as it curled again when I lifted it into the cat carrier. I’m glad I warmed it gradually, actually, as it very likely has hypothermia.

    Just waiting for the vet’s to open now.


    Update on the little hog – he was starving and hypothermic. The vet gave him fluids and a number for a local (ish) hedgehog rescue. I rang them and they came over to take him, as they can give him antibiotics/worming/flea and tick treatments as well.

    He’s only 370g and may not make it through the night, so I thought it best to let the carer take him – I have to work so wouldn’t be able to give him as much care.

    I’m so sorry to find out that hogs are starving in my area. I guess the kitten biscuits are getting gobbled up by the cats. I am going to find a way to provide a cat proof feeding station!



    Hi jpscloud. My hubby built a hog feeding station last year & inside the entrance put a corridor as apparently cats don’t like going round corners, the locals here didn’t mind so we then put a ridge tile outside the entrance which is quite low & that solved the problem! Perhaps google hog feeding stations & either build or buy one ready for next year. Hope your hog survives. We still have a visitor which I haven’t seen but the food is going so fingers crossed it’s big enough. I should put my camera trap out to try & see if it appears.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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