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Hog cam recommendations?

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    My ol’ mum has developed a bit of a hedgehog obsession – bought a hedgehog house, put hay out for them to use for bedding, out putting food and water out for them every night and has a couple of regular visitors every night. But rarely sees them. So I want to buy her a trailcam for her birthday to put near the hog house (which they are visiting).

    Any recommendations for a sub £100 trail cam for night time hog videos?.


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    Hi JDPower

    There are loads of different cameras and different people will probably recommend difficult ones. In general with the cheaper ones you can be lucky and get a good one, but often the cheaper ones don’t last long. I have found a few links from previous camera discussions. I can only put one per post, because the forum doesn’t like more than one link!

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    Another link:

    Hope some of these are useful.

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    And this is the third. Hope you find something useful in these links.

    Good luck!

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    p.s. Sorry about the typo above. It should say ‘different people will probably recommend different ones’!


    Thanks. Went over budget and got a Browning Recon Force Advantage, which seemed to be well respected. Just have to teach her how to use it now lol

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    Hi JDPower

    Well done – hope your Mum appreciates it! I’m sure she’ll be fine with it, once you’ve set it up for her. Hope she gets lots of hedgehog views on it. Although, we are coming up to hibernation, so it might go quiet for a while. Still worth having at this time of year, though – not all hogs hibernate and they do also come out of hibernation for short periods during the wider hibernation period.

    Good luck. Hope all goes well.


    Hi, I would recommend getting a set of close up lenses for the camera. I switched from the cheap Amazon cameras to 3 Brownings about a year ago. I bought them from Wildview Cameras and they also sell the lens kits which consist of a lens adapter, set of lenses and black tac to stick the closeup lens to the camera. I would recommend using the +1 or +2 for most hedgehog footage as the camera will likely be around 1-3M from the target area, but best to experiment and find what works for your situation. The reason for the lenses is that Trail cameras are generally made for targets which are several metres away and while you can film hogs that far away the best footage is when you are only a couple of Metres away or closer.


    This is just a demonstration of what Alan is has said here about closup lenses. Ok is not a hedgehog as is just for demonstration purposes. This is a 2+ lense i fitted and the camera is around 21 inches from the far side of the dish. As you can see is a lot better video and has some quite good detail.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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