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Hog coming out early

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    Sorry not sure if my first post has to be moderated and that’s why it never went up
    I’m in Ireland and have 4 hogs, 1 adult and 1 young live in the garden the other 2 I’m not sure, one of them is an adult which I have seen traipsing up the street and the other very small one I believe is the sibling of the one that lives in the garden .
    The last few nights the young one from the garden has been coming out just after 8.30pm when it is still bright. It used to come out at about 9.20 or so. Just wondering if this is normal


    Hi, I’ve got two little hogs who live in the boxes in my garden.
    I’ve seen them both out occasionally as early as 8pm , I think they know this is roughly when I put their food out . They don’t usually leave the garden until it’s gets very dark though, they just snuffle around the shrubs and bushes and disappear under the fence once it’s so dark I can barely see them any more .

    It seems to be normal behaviour for them.

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    Hi spookwoman

    I don’t think your first post needs to be moderated, so not sure why it didn’t come up.

    Personally, I wouldn’t worry too much about a hog out at 8.30 pm. It is not long to dark by then. The only thing is, it may be because it’s hungry. I’m guessing you are feeding? Although not sure from your post. Cat/dog/hedgehog food is all fine and it’s a good idea to leave water out 24 hours a day.

    Let us know how things go.

    P.S. Just spotted your profile pic, so you must be feeding! But can’t tell what. What I have mentioned above is best for the hogs.


    Everything has settled down again and its coming out a little later.

    I feed our lot Tesco cat food pouches and also I get Tesco Dry Cat food and i soak that in water till its soft. We put out 4 dishes at 7.30 now and top them up at 1am plus they have 2 ferrero rocher trays filled with water, so we are really spoiling them.

    It looks like a female that visiting is in season, she was anointing herself alot last night. Mouth very foamy and was very funny to watch her rolling around. Even rolled on her back at one stand and then rolled off the concrete


    Don’t get too hung up on the daylight thing, it’s daytime that’s more significant. Anytime after about 6pm is perfectly normal for my local rabble – I’ve had 5 on the lawn soon after 6pm and they can’t all be in trouble. If they were out at 2pm then I’d be concerned but early evening, as long as they’re behaving “normally”, shouldn’t be a worry.

    NB: I live on a big estate and it’s quite likely they get woken up by people coming home from work, slamming car doors, going into the garden, letting out the dog/cat, beating up the kidz etc etc.

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    Hi spookwoman

    Self annointing doesn’t necessarily mean the hog is in season. It isn’t totally clear why they do it, but it’s thought that sometimes a certain scent sets it off. There was another theory that the saliva may contain some sort of pheromone but that theory wasn’t related particularly to females. As far as I know, the jury is still out as to exactly why some of them do it. You are lucky to observe it.

    I hope they continue to keep you entertained!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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