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Hog house

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    We bought a hog house and put it under bush. feeding box is at other side .do the y have to be far apart or can they be close.
    Hog been in but came out straightaway.
    any help please.

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    Hi nancaz2325

    Hogs can be very contrary creatures. One here even decided to make it’s nest inside the feed box – on top of the food! Although that was a male, so no young involved. But in general, if you want the hog to use the nest long term, as opposed to naps between snacks, it is probably better to have it further away from the feed box. Other hogs, and predators, are more likely to be attracted to feeding areas, so a hog might find a quieter location more appealing for, say, having young in.


    Nic thank you. had 3 again 2 going round one.

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    Sounds like you have got a female there then. The males go round the females during ‘courtship’ – although normally only one at a time – usually one is more dominant and will biff the other and roll it up. But, fingers crossed for some hoglets later on!


    I have just emptied my hog house. The hydrangea flower ‘door stop’ hadn’t moved for weeks so I guessed that there was no-one home – I hoped I would not find a dead one inside! Fortunately I did not – but the house – a hogilo – was stuffed with bedding but with an empty ‘chamber’ in the middle. I am hoping that this means that at least one has used it for naps or even longer sleeps and that a female may use it as a nest now that it has been in situ for over a year and has ‘weathered’. I have washed it out with boiling water to kill off any eggs from ticks and will leave it out in the sun to dry (ha!! several hail showers here today – washing has been in and out all morning!!) before putting it back under the hedge with a good supply of hay and dry leaves nearby.
    Happy hogging!

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    Hi DwarfHog

    Your description of the bedding in your hogilo with a chamber in the middle sounds exactly like the nest a hog made in one of my hog boxes a while back. Fascinating to see how intricately it was all woven together and the hollow stayed hollow even when unoccupied.

    The hog here was a non-hibernator and only used it for naps between snacks, but in the end a rat took it over and curled and and died in it. Not very nice, but although I’m not keen on rats, I was quite pleased the poor thing found somewhere warm and dry to curl up and die.

    I like your description of leaving your hogilo out in the sun/hail! Hope it gets a new tenant soon.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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