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Hog in its house.. 3 days since i built it!

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Hog in its house.. 3 days since i built it!

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    New to here and hogs..
    Story….for a few weeks now my wife and i have heard funny noises right next to house in back garden.right next to kitchen..finally last week we discovered a sod off big hog walking about..
    Further investigation shows its living under a bin covering the soak away right next to kitchen, infact in a plastic bag upagainst the kitchen drain.its in the soak away so “below” ground..
    I bought some b and m hog food, which it seems to love!
    Last sunday, 8 days ago i built a wood hog cant live in a bag!!its substantial, about 12inches square 10 high.
    Has tunnel and ramp going to just infront of plastic bag..its sooo close to house..infact upagainst house on one side, right next to garden door , a busy human place!
    Put some leaves and hay/straw in box.
    Put food on ramp and in box..
    Monday..nothing but had eaten food by bag
    Tuesday..taken food on ramp
    Wednesday…asleep in box…food gone..bedding right up to all sides and roof..

    I assume its moved in!?
    However firework night ( was LOUD here in east london on Saturday)..i think he/she is still more food has been eaten since saturday

    So it too early for hibernation ?
    I will not open box to point.its there or its not..
    I hope it is!!

    Is there anything else i can do for hog?it has food and water very close by (12inches)
    Also is this normal for hog to nest so close to human activity..we are not a quiet family! The hog house andcits plastic bag could not be closer to house!

    Thanks for reading this..

    Ps. Not seen a hog here ever..till now..

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    Well it certainly sounds nicer for the hog being in your new hog house than in the under a bin covering the soakaway!

    No it isn’t too early for hibernation, so the hog might have decided to hibernate in your hog house. No, best not to disturb the hog at all – you are thinking along the right lines! If you want to see if the hog comes out at night, you can always put a small twig, small rolled up paper ball, or the like in the entrance to see whether it gets moved.

    Personally, I wouldn’t keep the food so close to the nest – it might attract unwanted visitors, but if the hog is used to it being there, if you want to move, it, I would move it gradually. Water is really important 24 hours a day every day, including winter.

    The only other thing you might want to do is make sure there is plenty of nesting material around. Sometimes hogs make new nests during hibernation time. But sounds like you are doing a pretty good job. You’re so lucky to have a hog move straight in to your hog house!

    Good luck. Fingers crossed for a successful hibernation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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