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How to catch a hog?

Home Forums Carers / rescuing a hedgehog How to catch a hog?

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    Hi all

    So I have identified 2 – 3 regular visitors overnight to my garden on the cam. A few nights ago, the smallest one was limping and I saw what I thought was something attached to the back leg. S/he popped up again 2 nights ago and there is litter around a back leg and s/he is definitely limping. I have a rescue on standby but I need to catch it first – I’m assuming I’m going to have to stay up until it reappears?! Hasn’t been back since Saturday night but if that’s what I got to do, then I will 🙂


    Just go up to it, when he/she reappears, and usually, they will go still and put their spikes up – then with one hand , gently put it under the hedgehog and lift him/her gently into a box with a towel in.

    They are easy to lift up, sometimes they might run away, but usually, they will go still . Make sure you wear gardening gloves to protect your hands from the spikes.

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    Hi EmmaP

    I would have a box/pet carrier ready with either torn up paper which a hog can burrow under or a towel. Don’t forget to have bowls for food and water for the night. They almost inevitably spill the water, so I usually line the container with a good layer of newspaper, which will absorb it if spilt.

    You might find that you can sit out with the hogs, near the feeding area, if you stay very quiet. If you have a footstool and can keep your feet up they sometimes don’t seem to notice anyone is there and then you are ready on hand to pick up the required hog. If you do that, wrap up warm, though, as it gets very cold sitting still outside at night. You might be able to pick it up with one hand if it’s a small one, but will probably need two if it’s large. But, yes, gloves are very useful. I’ve had to pick a hog up in an emergency without gloves and their spines are very sharp!

    I would take a smaller container out with you to put the hog into at first and have the box/container ready inside to put the hog straight into. (just because it’s less unwieldy, when you’re trying to catch the hog to have a smaller container with you) You could put some torn up paper in that too, but it hopefully won’t be in there for long.

    Sometimes some hogs tend to arrive at the same times each night, so you may be able to work out the best time to go out.

    It depends on the individual hog – some will run and others will freeze. Just hope the one you want to catch is one that freezes.

    Good luck I hope you manage to get the hog to the rescue. Let us know how you get on.


    Hi EmmaP I had an hog come into my garden a couple of years ago with something wrapped round his body, missed getting him the first night but got ready with a box with shredded paper in , just incase it needed rescuing. He did come back the next night and went up to him and he just went still , then we could see he had got a plastic beer can holder going round his body . We had to pull the plastic up away from his body and snip it a little bit and it came away . The poor Hog must have been so relieved, we check for any damage but looked fine . I was very apprehensive at first but would easily do it again . Hope you manage to see it again let us know good luck Sue.


    Thanks all, sorry for late reply. No luck catching it I’m afraid – didn’t even appear on the cam for 3 nights after I posted. I have a box/paper, towel etc and a rescue ready to collect but I’ve only caught it on cam once more, a couple of nights ago and it was about 2am – I was dead to the world unfortunately! I don’t know if it was my wishful thinking but it looked to be limping slightly less although still has litter on its back leg.
    Will keep trying!

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    Hi EmmaP

    Oh, that’s so frustrating! Let’s hope the hog turns up a bit earlier tonight. Sounds as if it really does need help if there is still something attached to the leg.

    Good luck.

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