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huge hedgehog attacked by my JRT

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    Great big hedgehog rescued from my garden from the jaws of my JRT.
    Dog has mouth lacerations.
    Hedgehog is in cat carrier, has opened out from it ball, eaten some dog food and drank water.
    Eyes are bright. breathing normal. appears undamaged.
    Has passed urine.
    How it got in my garden i cannot imagine as I have 7ft fence all around and right under the ground to secure dog.
    Question is, where do I release it?
    We have extensive salt marsh and reclaimed ground a short distance from my house, and fields of sheep, would that be OK or does it need woodland undergrowth?
    Wondering if it may have pups somewhere if its female, is there sexual diamorphism with Hedgehogs, therefore based on size – Male?


    I am not an expert but the hedgehog may have internal injuries and could also be a mum.
    I would ring the BHPS on 01584 890801 to get a local carers number for advice. Some vets also look at wildlife for free. Is your dog needing a vet visit too?
    Short term give plenty of dog food and water and leave box in dark place during the day.
    We had a terrier who fortunately didn’t attack hedgehogs but did let us know where they were. We took the precaution of having him on a lead in the garden from dusk.
    I really hope the hedgehog and your JRT are both OK.
    Please let us know what happens.


    dog is a bit subdued and mouth is sore.
    Hedgehog is awake, has eaten, no blood anywhere. eyes seem bright.


    Please contact your local hedgehog carer on the number noted above.
    Hogs are wild animals and like many wild animals do not show pain as you would expect. Although you cannot see any wounds/blood – it is incredibly difficult with all the hogs prickles but dogs leave puncture wounds that can become fatally infected if not treated.
    Regarding release once it’s seen a carer then release into your garden or just outside. It’s clearly managed to get in and will be able to exit – but just keep your dog in or on a lead for a day or so until it’s gone
    Please don’t take it somewhere else – it’s like dropping you off in a strange country with no money and telling you to survive! It also may have babies at this time of year

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    Hi cheekkat

    Just to add to what Stef said, if there are hedgehogs around you might find the following useful re. hedgehogs and dogs.

    Good luck. I hope you manage to avoid any more encounters between your dog and the hedgehogs. Simbo65’s advice about keeping the dog on a lead at night is good.

    P.S. It isn’t possible to tell male from female by their size.


    Hedgehog is well this morning eating dog food and drinking water and seems nicely responsive. I cannot release it to my garden as my JRT will go crazy again. So I really need to put it somewhere else. Shall I put it in the next door neighbours garden, the other side of the fence? Or on the wildlife wetlands near where I live?


    Please please contact your nearest carer. I know you think this hog is fine but it needs checking. If your dog has punctured it, it will be day’s before the infection gets so bad you will notice it. You cannot hold onto it in the meantime as it may have babies, you are risking it’s health
    Once you get the go ahead then release into your neighbours garden
    Do Not put it somewhere else


    Following on from what Stef has said it’s urgent that you get this hog looked at ASAP. Please call 01584 890801 to find out your nearest hedgehog carer. They will probably even come to you in order to save this HH .
    She may be a nursing mum or she may be pregnant. In either case she must be thoroughly checked over by an expert before release
    Please, please,please do not delay in this. Time is of great importance here especially if she has young.

    What area are you?


    Also how is your dog. Does his mouth need any vet care?

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    Just to add my pleas to those of Stef and Simbo65 to get this hog checked out by an expert rehabilitator. I had a hog here once attacked by a dog. The injury was not visible to me and the hog had shiny eyes, etc, but when checked by an expert was found to have serious injuries. That hog did not survive because of its injuries despite my contacting an expert immediately. The hog you have, has a chance if you get help for it quickly. Please ring BHPS on 01584 890801 to find your nearest carer/rehabilitator urgently.


    Well looks like we experts got ignored!!! Let’s hope someone else finds it if it is injured
    So frustrating sometimes


    It would be very sad if this has been released without a check up.
    I don’t know what else we can do.
    Feeling very deflated by lack of news

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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