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I have a fox on my camera occasionally ..

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings I have a fox on my camera occasionally ..

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    .. should I be worried for my little hogs’ safety ? 😱


    I don’t know – I saw a fox in my garden last week – I’ve heard that they tend to leave them alone due to their spikes, but I reckon it depends on the fox – they might try attempt and end up hurting the hedgehog but not killing it – but to be honest, I don’t actually know and I’m just guessing. I wonder if they are more likely to eat smaller hedgehogs such as hoglets.

    That’s my greatest concern, but I guess we just have to leave wildlife to get on with it, I don’t think there’s much we can do about it – And I guess we might not know if it happens – so it might be better like that. (Unless you catch it on your camera which would be absolutely horrendous for you)

    On a news article this week I saw a photo of a whale gobbling up a seal and it absolutely broke me. But what can you do? I wouldn’t mind seeing a whale eating an scary looking fish, but a cute seal pup, it was horrible.

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    Hi Julesford and Hedgie Lover

    As suggested, it does depend a bit on the fox. Some apparently get a taste for hogs and wait until they unroll before pouncing and also some apparently (perhaps youngsters) chase them and can injure their back legs.

    But basically foxes are predators, so, whilst you sometimes see hedgehogs and foxes eating side by side in photographs, it isn’t something I would want to encourage. I would make sure that the hogs have a safe place they can eat without having to worry about the fox. Eating is a danger time, as they won’t be concentrating so much on what else is going on around – especially if they have become accustomed to the fox eating near them. People might think it looks cute, but it is actually putting the hogs at risk and could end badly.

    When the hog is out and about in your garden it should be less of a problem. Remember that even if you managed to keep the fox out of your garden, the hog needs to visit many gardens, so is likely to see it elsewhere.

    So I would just use your common sense – don’t worry too much, but provide a safe space where the hogs can eat in peace.


    Thank you all. I just needed a bit of a reality check there!

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    Hi Julesford

    Completely understandable – it’s only because we all care so much about the hogs that we worry so much about them. It’s not always an easy path loving hedgehogs! With them being wild animals.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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