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I’m going on holiday!

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    Hello Everyone
    I’m new to this hedgehog feeding lark as we only had suspicions of a possible occasional visit in the past, but last year saw TWO hedgehogs together! And suspect one may have spent the winter under our shed!
    So, all enthusiastic, we cut a plastic box as per instructions and put hedgehog food inside and they now come every night. Which is great. But, we hope to go away for a week when we can and oh the guilt! I actually started having thoughts of cancelling so as to not let our new companions down!
    So, I’m wondering, would one of those cat feeders work? The ones which look like up-ended sweet jars over a dish? I’ve seen one for £10 and I think I could probably make one. What do you think?

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    Hi Cecil

    Your best bet would probably be to ask a friend or neighbour. I do recall someone trying one of those type of feeders, but I’m not sure it would be a reliable supply.

    Having said that, what we feed is supposed to be only supplementary, so if your garden and others around are hog friendly, hopefully they will be finding wild food for themselves as well. The absolutely most important thing is that you leave water available for the hogs. If you use a large but shallow plant saucer and leave it in the shade it might last for a week. Although you might be able ro rig up some sort of refillable water source.

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    Hello Cecil,

    I feel guilty too and last year tried a battery operated cat feeder ( Cat Mate C20 Automatic Pet Feeder) but the lids and the batteries made the whole thing a bit high sided for them and not much was eaten.

    I plan to construct something that will raise up the ‘ground’ level above the feeder for the next time we’re allowed to holiday.

    Asking a neighbour to feed them is always awkward because of all the poo clearing that has to be done. Why do they all go IN their bowls?!


    Thanks for the advise. Pets at Home have one so I’ll look at that and see if it will fit the feeding box. If not I’ll experiment perhaps with a Blue Peter one with squash bottle, a dish and lots of tape!!

    I’ve only got one neighbour but I don’t think they’d be keen on doing it. I don’t think they’re hedgehog people!

    Poo isn’t too much of a problem. It took us ages to find any as they approach via a shrubbery and it’s disguised on the dark soil!


    Well, I bought a cat feeder which just fits inside the box and with a second dish to one side it lasted eight days! I noticed there was a little left when we got home so didn’t bother to top it up – and next morning it was tipped over and licked clean! We’re off on another trip shortly so our granddaughter will call in and top it up for us. A success!

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    Hi Cecil

    Well done! Sounds as if you’ve found a good compromise. Make sure the the water gets topped up too, if necessary. Hope you have a good holiday.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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