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I’m sure it was busier this time last year

Home Forums Champions’ chat I’m sure it was busier this time last year

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    I’m starting to worry now.

    Okay issue, not much activity been going on for a while now – I don’t know – it might be that last, I didn’t want to miss anything and was constantly checking outside – so probably saw a lot more, making it feel a lot more busier.

    Food is getting eaten each night, well some of it. And I often see at least one hedgehog per night, but that is getting slim on the ground now too – and often now I see none at all.

    Possible scenarios, they are enjoying their freedom spending the summer exploring (I guess if they didn’t have chance, life would be a bit boring for them) So I hope that is what it is.

    Scenario two, fox is eating them and has worked out how to do so now.

    scenario three, neighbours have caught on – and feeding as well – the ones that do visit are looking a healthy size

    scenario four – I did get my local councillor to raise hedgehog awareness with the high school during lockdown, and perhaps, with the key worker children, the teachers had more freedom to chat about other stuff off the agenda and wished to raise the awareness, cos I have had, on a couple of occassion spoken to the school teachers (they have their cig breaks outside my gate) and they ask me about the hedgehogs.

    scenario five – and this is my worst fear, neighbours have thought awww cute hedgehog lets have one for our garden, and it can’t get out.

    Anyway, fox can’t do anything about – did ask rescue centre about this, and they just said that’s wildlife, and didn’t feel it was a concern that they could deal with, they have foxes that visit their areas.

    School is ok – they may be getting in touch in September with me – to arrange a presentation with the rescue centre – that might be the plan.

    neighbours – not really a problem – possibly will take up a lot of ink, but worth it – nice neighbours no problem with them – I think they’d be ok.

    When I first came to this site, I was under the impression we could have Hedgehog Street info packs – does anyone know anything about this?


    BHPS will send you information packs


    Thanks Stef

    My greatest concern is the last one – but my neighbours, probably don’t want to get too much involved with taking care of a hedegehog anyway – because it does involve educating yourself, and feeding them – so it does require some time and money.

    And I get the sense, my neighbours are happy for the hedgehogs, but just like the idea that someone else is taking care of it.

    The school and my councillor, and the rescue centre have been positive, we just have to wait, until the school is ready (agreed) to let the rescue centre (with me (only cos I want to be there), to give a presentation, but a good one as they are high school children.

    it’s a performing arts school but they get the same education as other schools with added extra I think, so I think they allow themselves to have a bit of flexibility and creativity I hope (but don’t know that until I actually visit them myself).

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    Hi Hedgie Lover

    There is also information and downloadable resources if you go to ‘My Hedgehog Street’ (click on the label above).

    Downloadable resources:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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