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Invisible hogs

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    Hi Penny, Nic it’s Nina, love the fresh new look. Hopefully, others will be back soon, it’s not just the forum missing, my hoggys are too!

    Saw my first one a week or two ago on camera, then visually saw big hog ‘growler’ not seen anything since. I’ve heard snuffling and crunching on snails. I’m putting food out every night. But reviewing the pictures it’s mainly being eaten by the fat cats (grrr) they have discovered how to remove saucers, trust me to have vaguely brainy cat visitors! Some hog biscuits and nuts are intermittently going and seen a single poo. I’m clearing away the meat bowls each morning so I don’t encourage rats. I’m going to persevere but stick to hog biscuits, nuts and sunflowers hearts for now hopefully the cats will be less enthusiastic about visiting.

    Am I worrying unnecessarily, is it still early?


    Hi Nina,
    Glad that you’re back, it was beginning to feel a bit strange on here with no one else around.

    Sorry to hear that your hogs have gone missing, certain individuals of ours can go missing for a few nights, but they usually turn up again and as Nic says it’s mostly males around at the moment, the females are probably steering well clear of all the brawling.

    The cats around here must be quite dim because the saucers are still holding their own. The feeding station on the other hand is another matter. I usually stick to dry biscuits, but I put some wet Spikes in the feeding station the other night and the cats were queuing up to break in. A small one managed to get past the moat and polished off the lot, so I have had to reinforce the inside with a longer and bendier tunnel.

    Putting the hogs food on the doorstep does have its advantages in that you can get a good look at who is dining, but I have just remembered one big disadvantage, up until now they have been behaving themselves, but I’ve got one heck of a mess to clean up this morning…Urghhh!

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    Hi Nina, Penny,

    As Penny says, not all the hogs visit every night. But I think some of them are very good at avoiding being caught on camera. I often find that hogs I have seen in real time have not appeared on the camera, sometimes even when they have been there for quite a while.

    The boss hog here did turn up last night, but I hadn’t seen him for a couple of days. Interestingly he let someone else eat from the next door bowl! In the end they both ran off at the same time in different directions. Very civilized!

    I saw one of the cats here the other night. He walked right past the bowls of food. There had been a mouse there just before, so perhaps he was after that. I did find him on the camera the next morning down the path washing his face, as if he had just eaten something – maybe an ex-mouse?

    Have just realised you can now see the previous messages, not only the last one. That is good – I often used to want to check a previous message in the middle of my reply.

    Looking forward to the girls coming back – hopefully not too long now. Hope they have all survived ok. I find that the girls are more regular visitors than the boys, so I have got to know them better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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