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Is 4 pm considered daytime for seeing a hedgehog out feeding?

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Is 4 pm considered daytime for seeing a hedgehog out feeding?

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    I posted yesterday but somehow it got lost.
    Putting biscuits out at 4 pm yesterday found hedgehog sitting the a bowl of yesterday’s crumbs.
    Would this be considered “out in daytime”? Should I be worried about it?
    Sunset here is around 4.30 pm – I was early putting biscuits out to avoid the dark and wet for myself, usually do it about 7.30 earliest as I don’t see hedgies till much later on.
    I shall make sure food is provided very early in future (it is under a little wooden A frame cover to keep biscuits dry)


    Someone more experienced can probably say for sure but for this time of year it sounds ok to me, definitely a bit early but then it is getting dark by then, especially if it’s a cloudy day. The earliest I’ve seen one here (Lincoln) is 16:25


    Hi mbirks
    Thanks, that’s reassuring if you’ve seen one around that time as well. The days are so short now aren’t they, and frequently dim and dark when it’s overcast. I am still getting a couple of visitors here and they’re certainly eating well!

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    Hi daffydill

    As it doesn’t sound very early, I would monitor the hogs visits. Hopefully, it will turn up at a more normal time. It’s possible it’s one that’s only just found your food source.


    Hi Nic
    I know it doesn’t sound really early, but for instance it’s 4.30 now and still daylight here. Being far west might make a difference?
    Difficult to see who is feeding as this A frame house (a gift) hides visitors – could do with a window 🙂
    All I know is that a lot of biscuits are being eaten, though a lot of crumbs left also. Has to be more than one hedgie so thinking it’s the two young hoglets I saw and weighed last month as assuming all the others are hibernating?
    Might get the clear plastic ‘thingy’ out as a dry food cover as I can at least see what hedgies are eating inside that.
    So wet in this area the food requires covering at present.
    Thanks for advice, hope it’s not just me that has these silly worries !

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    Don’t worry daffydill, I think we probably all worry about the hogs and it isn’t always completely clear what is the best thing to do – especially with regard to late youngsters. But, yes, it can be light later here, too, if it’s a nice sunny day.

    I have been having to leave kitten biscuits outside as the hoglets here at the moment don’t seem to like boxes and have a preference for eating on the grass. I’ve tried to coax them into the food box, but they never get past just inside the entrance. Luckily they don’t seem to mind if the kitten biscuits get a bit soggy when it rains. The consolation is that the camera gets a good view and the birds seem to eat any leftovers.

    Good luck with the hogs there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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