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Just discovered a family of hedgehogs living in the garden

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Just discovered a family of hedgehogs living in the garden

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    I have had an adult hedgehog in the garden for a few years which was exciting enough. Have been putting out food again this year just expecting the one Hog and then to my surprise yesterday morning at about 10.30am I came across a Hoglet feeding on seeds dropped by the bird feeders. I was worried it was out in the day time so came in and got a small plate of cat food. It soon found it and then the mother appeared (well I think it was the mother) and they were both eating from the tray. They were clearly hungry. So I put more food out and they ate it all. When they had finished I|saw the adult going into an old Hedgehog house I have which is covered in loads of brush. I have an outside Trail camera so set it up for last night. Put quite a lot of food out and waited. Well what a surprise when I saw the footage this morning. There are 3 Hoglets all feeding at the same time, There was also an adult that came to feed a couple of times but can’t tell if its the Mum and Dad or just the Mum. So exited by my discovery. Will have to buy more food!!
    I just don’t want to overfeed them as they should be foraging for themselves. Any advice on how much food I should put out would, be useful.

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    Hi Bessie

    It’s really exciting that there are hoglets there. But, it’s worrying that the hoglet and then an adult was out during the daytime feeding. I would contact your local hedgehog carer to seek their advice. You can find your local carer by contacting BHPS 01584 890801. Meanwhile, please leave water out in a shady place 24 hours a day.

    With the current weather we’re having I wouldn’t worry too much about over-feeding them. Just leave as much as they eat. They were clearly very hungry or wouldn’t be out during the day. But water is vitally important too.

    Good luck. Let us know how you and the hogs get on.


    I’m new to the group but wanted to share my experience and excitement.

    We live next door to an abandoned house, in the garden there are trees that were felled some time ago and not been removed. In May I spotted one hedgehog living happily in the garden, June I spotted another…I was happy with 2.
    Now there are 8 – I believe 3 adults and 5 Hoglets.
    I am absolutely thrilled. I had no idea they were so noisy but happy to hear them scampering about at night.
    Can someone tell me why the scream at night?

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    Hi HappyHogWatcher

    Welcome to the Forum. Really pleased to hear about all the hedgehogs there. Although slightly worried that abandoned houses don’t always stay abandoned so it would be really good if you could make your garden as hog friendly as possible in anticipation of that one being cleared one day. There are some handy tips at:
    Maybe you could encourage your neighbours to do the same and link all the gardens?

    I’m not sure what you mean by screaming, but are you sure it was the hedgehogs. It’s not something I’ve heard, but I tend to watch the hogs from inside the house and haven’t ever heard anything like that on my cams. Perhaps someone else will be able to throw more light on it. But, some years ago I heard a ‘screaming’ sound and rushed out thinking something was attacking one of the hogs, only to find that it was one of the hogs who had found an unfortunate fledgling on the ground and killed it. I think it was the fledgling ‘screaming’. I think the fledgling may have had something wrong with it, but yes, cute hedgehogs will kill something if they come across it like that.

    Is there any chance that there could be foxes around as well?

    Anyway, you are so lucky to have hoglets there. I hope they all grow up to be strong healthy hogs! Keep us posted about their progress.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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