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Just had a hedgehog on the garden feeding 06/01/23

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Just had a hedgehog on the garden feeding 06/01/23

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    My husbands just come in from the garage to find a hedgehog feeding off some chicken bones I put out earlier, I still seem to have him and a much bigger one coming and feeding are they going to be ok?


    Hi lovely to have hogs visiting. But i don’t think chicken bones are very good as they could get stuck in the hogs mouth . I have had a little hog visit every night from October it lives in his little house and i give him dog food to build him up,
    he is eating all of it and put fresh water out so should be ok good luck.

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    Hi monkeydarling

    Just to add to what scoobysue said. If the hog is very small, it would be worth weighing it. If it weighs less than 450g at this time of year it would be worth contacting your local hog carer/rehabilitator and take their advice.

    Not sure if you meant the small hog was there during daylight, but if so, again, I would take advice from a carer/rehabilitator.

    The much bigger hog should hopefully be ok (assuming it also is a good weight). Some hogs decide not to hibernate and that is ok as long as they have access to food (cat/dog/meaty hog food or cat/kitten biscuits) and water. Water is very important all day every day as hogs can’t always access it naturally. I agree re. the chicken bones not being good, especially if it is cooked – the bones can splinter easily.

    Good luck. I hope both hogs do well.


    He’s sort of medium size but if I can I’ll have a go at weighing him.

    I don’t put chicken bones out for the hedgehogs lol, I put them out for the birds, I feed the four hedgehogs I had visiting for the last few years with appropriate food but obviously I thought they were all asleep and didn’t even think they would be around in January.
    It was an evening visit so I’m happy that he wasn’t in danger if it had have been daytime I would have caught him and contacted my local rescue centre.
    Thank you for you advice though, I’ll keep feeding him and just keep an eye on him x


    My first comment on here, I had 2 big hogs feeding on night of 15/01/23, (arguing about who could go in feeding station) i didn’t think that they would visit last night due to be -5 degrees, we didn’t see them however majority of the food gone – we also took in a small hedgehog on 8th December (302g), yesterday she weighed 604g – I took advice from local Hedgehog Rescue for looking after her – her weight goes up and down slightly but generally in the right direction! x

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    Hi Penfold-JC

    Welcome to the Forum!

    Well done for rescuing the little one and glad to hear it is doing so well. It’s really good that you took advice from your local hog rescue. Hopefully, thanks to your help, the little hog will go on to have a successful life.

    Yes, it’s interesting that the hogs who aren’t hibernating still visit on the really cold nights. I had a non-hibernator here on another winter where there were some very cold nights – as low as -12 one night, as I recall. The little hog continued to visit all winter and only missed a couple of nights when the snow was a bit deep.

    He had made what seemed to be a hibernating nest in one of the hog boxes, but didn’t even spend every day in there, but did seem to use it for naps between snacks. Sadly the nest was eventually taken over by a rat, who died in it – although nice for it that it found a nice warm place to curl up and die. But I was able to lift the nest out of the box whole – it didn’t fall apart at all. Very well made for a hoglet who I imagine had never made a nest before – so clever!

    Good luck with all the hogs. I hope they continue to do well.

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