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Lime green poo!

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    Hi all, I have just carried out my morning ritual of cleaning up after diners last night. All bowls and feeding stations cleaned with boiling water each day.
    I was a bit alarmed to see a small amount of lime green, very loose poo in one of the feeding stations that have small entry holes- only big enough for the babies.
    I have trawled previous posts and googled causes / action required but advice varies !
    Should I wait and see if this is a one off? It could be cutie or the invasive tiny one that I have been unsuccessful in trying to catch for weighing so far – I read that it could be infection or stress – if it’s stress won’t I be making the situation worse by capturing? advise required please.


    Was the poo part of some normal brown poo or was it totally separate?
    If the animals were in captivity I would wait 12hrs and see if it’s a one off. However, as these hogs are wild I would catch and get help from your nearest carer
    I appreciate that you don’t want to cause more stress, but if the animal is sick you only have a very small window of opportunity to catch it and get it help.
    Hogs go back to normality very quickly once they’ve been looked at


    Hi Stef
    Thanks for you reply, the poo was totally lime green. I must admit since posting I had come to the conclusion that it’s better to be safe than sorry! I’ve been trying to get this tiny hog for the last couple of nights, because it’s so tiny. If it is poorly it will stand no chance without intervention. I will try again tonight to capture the tiny one .
    Thanks again – sometimes you just need someone to bounce off to make the decision! x


    Excellent, good luck and keep us posted


    Well contact made this afternoon with rescue centre to ensure they were happy to take in the tiny little hog!
    All ready and waiting with my straw filled box, gloves and torch in the freezing cold by 6.55pm. Lots of activity observed of Cutie who visited every feeding station ( I’ve got five) but no sign of the tiny hog.
    11pm have given up as I think it was a case of too little too late!
    Sorry to report that yet again no sign of the tiny wee hog – I will continue again tomorrow night, but I haven’t seen the wee hog for three nights now and I’m thinking that the poor little hog was so small that it didn’t have much chance of survival. 😢


    Sorry to hear that


    Interesting topic as only this week I came across the same situation re green poo. Used to seeing the dark/black stuff so this was quite different. In my case there was no sign of any hoglets near the feeding station so assume this was done by an adult. Will keep an eye on things to see if this was a ‘one off’ or continues.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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