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Little Hog Back Feeding

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    Over the last week, one of our smaller hogs has reappeared after seemingly going into hibernation weeks ago. It is clearly low weight and small enough not to need to duck beneath my 13 cm food station door.

    It has visited a couple of nights and drank and eaten all the food that I continue to leave out. Should I just continue to feed? My instinct is to leave it be and feed as normal as it seems to sense that it is too low weight to hibernate at the moment.

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    Hi Sarah75

    The hoglet may have moved temporarily somewhere else and come back because it knew you were a good source of food. Although it could be a different hoglet – some of them look very alike when they’re young and this is a time of year when hoglets can appear as if out of nowhwere.

    If it’s really small it might be a good idea to weigh it and take advice from your local hog carer/rehabilitator. (you can get contact details from 01584 890801)

    But if you think it’s big enough, do keep offering food and water – I would continue offering food, even if it disappeared again for a while. Some hogs, especially hoglets decide not to hibernate at all so the food and water you offer could be a lifeline.

    Good luck


    Great, thanks for your reply.

    I keep food out all winter, just in case , so will continue with that and may try and get a better idea of weight if I can ,


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    Yes, it would be a good idea to weigh it if possible. It might also put your mind at rest that it’s heavy enough to hibernate, but just choosing not to.

    Great that you leave food out all winter. Hopefully water, too. Never know when a hungry or thirsty hog is going to turn up!

    Hope all goes well.


    “Some hogs, especially hoglets decide not to hibernate at all”
    I didn’t know that!!! Have been worrying about one last hedgehog still coming through the garden. Haven’t got a hedgecam but heard it feeding last night and peeked out my bedroom window (bungalow dweller) to a garden lit by the full moon to see a small hedgehog just leaving the feeding station. Small but meaty enough to survive I think (hope!)
    Will continue to leave out food and water. Thank you as always for the help and advice given on this site.


    We’ve had a similar experience. One large and one small hog feeding until about 4 days ago. Now it’s just the little one. I think it’s big enough to survive but it doesn’t seem to want to adopt my house and it’s very busy, running to and fro between the food dish and water on and off all night long! I’ve been embroidering a hedgehog Christmas card for my husband which I assumed was rather anachronistic but apparently not! At this rate I’m fully expecting to have to provide Little Hog with Christmas lunch!!

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    Yes, Christmas Dinner for hogs is on the cards here too! Hope all the hogs have a happy hoggy Christmas!

    Happy Christmas to everyone on Hedgehog Street, too, and best wishes for 2022.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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