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Loosing the battle here..

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    Hi Everyone,
    I have posted a few times on here about Badgers and cats being in my garden and how they “appear” to have driven off my hedgehogs, well after advice from Nik I let the food go for a couple of months to try and deter these animals but to no avail, within about a week or so of putting food out again encased in what was a Badger proof feeding station but still not the bloomin cat! proof feeding station both badger and cat were back in my garden. I used to have loads of hedgehogs here and its really upsetting for me to loose these wonderful creatures.
    I have left it again for about 1 month and Im going to try putting food out again, as I know last year I had a regular rather big food come in to my garden in the later parts of the year and stock up on food, obviously as a pre-empt for hibernation.
    Anyway Im gutted by all this but I will NOT give up!!!…


    Sounds like you may have a badger set nearby in which case it may be wiser not to encourage the hedgehogs back.
    Have you tried peeing around your own garden, that may deter my badger. As for the cats I personally wouldn’t bother unless you want to try Nic’s ideas for cat proof stations


    Hi Stef,
    I have something similar to Nics feeding station and it works of sorts but only for a while until the cat can figure it out as I really didn’t think a cat could do so many bends but the thing must be starving and so its all ok by me if it is I suppose, I dont wish any animal ill.
    But the badger yes I had not tried weeing round the garden does this work or am I just going to get arrested again?….lol Ok well I might try that during the winter and await the spring to try again with feeding the hedgehogs.
    Nic do you know about this urine thing?
    Anyway, I’d just got myself a lovely outdoor camera as well.


    The smell of male testosterone can work but not always but it’s worth a try. Maybe collect it indoors to avoid the cold…

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    Yes, I think definitely collect it inside!!

    I’ve never tried it myself – I’ve been lucky not to have fox/badger problems, but have heard that it works with, foxes as well. I suggested someone might try it for rats, as an experiment, but he didn’t keep it up, which I imagine you would have to do. But someone on the forum (can’t remember who, at the moment) did try out used cat litter in an old sock to deter rats, which seemed to work in the short term, I seem to remember, although as they remarked, how do you prove a negative.


    My husband made me a hedgehog feeding station to stop cats eating the food we put out. It’s brilliant and really safe for them. We have 15 individuals that come and although only 2 can eat at the same time they are pretty good at waiting their turn. This is a link to a similar feeding station which will stop badgers and cats: Having two tunnel entrances is good because it stops altercations. My husband also put a window in front of the food bowl so we can watch them live on the laptop every night. I have considered asking him to make an even larger version so we can have them lined up eating 🙂 I can’t work out how to attach a photo to this post otherwise I would share a picture.

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    Hi Jenny12

    This box looks very similar in design to the one that Penny shared with us quite some time ago. Except that her doorway is smaller.

    I have a box which is equivalent to half of that box, i.e. only has one entrance and a cat can get into it, even with the smaller doorway and an obstacle to the side of the door. So I think you have just been lucky that you haven’t had any very enterprising cats visiting.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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