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Lots of hogs last year – now no sightings

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Lots of hogs last year – now no sightings

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    We had a veritable breeding ground of hedgehogs last year. In late September 6 underweight hoglets appeared that had to be fattened up at the WRAS and rereleased before the year end. At least 3 reappeared in April this year, but since last week we have not seen any of them. Cannot remember this long not having any sighting. Hopefully they will return…
    Has anyone else had a similar sighting pattern?

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    Hi jimfoz

    It is worrying when the hogs disappear like that, but there could be so many reasons why. It may be that somewhere along their route has been blocked, someone else could be feeding them nearer, etc.

    I have been feeding the hogs here for many years. Not all the hogs from last year have reappeared, but that is not a huge surprise as they estimate about 30% don’t make it through hibernation. I suspect that includes hoglets, but even so, not all of them are likely to return. Also, I wonder whether the male hoglets disburse a bit when they grow up. If they stayed in the same area they would be forever being biffed by the bigger boys. Certainly there were more of last year’s hoglets at the beginning of the season than there are now and that seems like a familiar pattern.

    Of the adults that did return, there are a couple I haven’t seen for a couple of weeks, including one who had been a regular visitor for at least 2 years. It is difficult, not knowing – but the hogs there may reappear. If you have been accustomed to feeding them, I would keep putting a bit of food out in case they turn up. I always think, with hogs, you can never rely on them to do what you think they are going to!

    Good luck. I hope someone turns up again soon.


    Hi jimfoz

    Yes i have had the same experience, had hogs here last 4-5 years, last year actually have photo of 8 feeding together (not incuding 3 new hoglets).

    One long term 3-legged resident ‘Hop-a-long’ had been out to feed every night since Xmas!!! but very sadly had to be put to sleep 2 weeks ago when i found him on his side breathing heavily after eating, he was very poorly.

    Since losing Hop-a-long, there have been no visiting hogs, the food i kept putting out sometimes remained and other times gone but fox/cats?. I couldnt work it out, why would all of them disappear?

    Two nights ago – I saw a hedgehog, eating in same old place, – i was surprised quite how happy it made me. Tonight 3 hogs, big ones, eating and hanging around, loud snuffling and possibly ‘flirting’ behaviour.

    Dont give up hope, i dont understand why they were absent so long, after so many years, of course more research and info would have helped maybe., anyone recomendations?

    One good thing resulting from losing Hop-a-long, our garden is now on the list for releasing autumn juveniles/recovered hogs from my local vet.

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    So sorry to hear about Hop-a-long, Camilla. I am pleased to hear that you have some other hogs visiting. now. Good luck with them and any potential releasees.



    I also failed to spot any hogs in the garden until a few weeks ago but put food and water out every night (in a hog feeding station made from an old plastic box) and checked the lawn every morning. Although I hadn’t managed to spot any there was always scat, so don’t assume that they aren’t there just because you fail to spot them, they have all the hours of darkness to visit and very few of us sit up all night watching. I have recently spotted several visiting and just released Four (3 boys and a girl), from the local Prickly Friends rehab, all of them have returned to feed over the last couple of nights. In addition to the cat food in the station, I also scatter liberal amounts of cat biscuits (from a well known German supermarket) in the bushes and undergrowth and love to sit in the dark drinking tea and listening to the “crunch crunch” eminating from several corners of the garden!

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