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Make Hedgehogs an Offcially Protected Species

Home Forums Champions’ chat Make Hedgehogs an Offcially Protected Species

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    As well as keeping up the good work siging the petition agianst the A24 traps link please also sign the petition to make our hog friends an offcially protected status as they don’t share the same protection as other animals link

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    Hi Hogmeister

    That Petition has been publicised on Hedgehog Street before, but the problem is, it should never have been started until after the other one was finished, because they compete with each other. I originally thought that people would just sign both, but that is not what happened. I have been keeping a note of how both are faring and the people signing the make hedgehogs a protected species, were not the same people that signed the A24 trap Petition, as was clearly shown from the maps.

    The petition re. the A24 trap has a more limited time left. Therefore, I, personally, decided that it was better to push the one that’s going to run out first (re. the A24 trap which has only roughly 2 more months to run) and then there are approximately 2 months after to try to publicise the other one.

    It is vitally important for the nation’s hedgehogs that the petition re. the A24 Trap succeeds. This trap could have serious implications for our hedgehogs so I hope everyone signs this petition.
    It would be a tragedy if neither petition eventually succeeds because of the existence of the other one.


    Hi Nic,

    Absolutely hear what you say but as they are both listed on Petition Parliament it is what it is however both promote the needs of our hogs so thats good.

    I also agree the A24 trap petition is more critical not least as it has less time to run as you rightly say.

    I would hope that all would sign both petitions, although that would depend upon how they stumble upon the petition. which is why I included the links to both petitions in my post and gave the A24 trap first billing because I agree with you this is more important.

    I think the more the link is publicised, and you are doing a great job on this Nic as its cropping up everywhere on Hedgehog Street thanks to you so thats fantastic, the more signatures we will get.

    Although we currently have just under 24,000 signatures (we have gained around 3,000 signatures in less than 3 days) as we have nearly 48,000 hedgehog champions I believe we can get to the 100,000 needed. Also as the hogs wake up from hibernation more people will hopefully be logging on to Hedgehog Street and seeing the petition.

    Lastly everyone please keep sigining the petition about the A24 traps

    Our hogs need our votes!

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    Hi Hogmeister

    Yes, it was good, the increase after all we Hedgehog Streeters were emailed. But as you say, 3,000 is a small proportion of the approx. 48,000. So come on everyone. This is really important.

    2.00 this afternoon is the time to look out for. That is when the Thunderclap on social media is. Hopefully there will be a good response for the Petition against the A24 trap.

    Please keep signing and sharing everyone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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