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Might I not get any hedehogs

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Might I not get any hedehogs

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    Hello, new member here. I would love to help hedgehogs in my garden. According to the big hedgehog map there has been one live sighting 0.2 miles away in 2022, and 3 0.4 miles away in 2021. I put out a feeding station in my back garden last night but unsurprising no takers (garden has easy hedgehog access from front to back). How long might I have to wait? Might I never get any visitors? Would wet food be smellier than dry? Is there anything else I can do?

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    Hi Hedgehoghelper7

    Welcome to the Forum! Sadly there is no guarantee that hedgehogs will visit, but you have a head start if there have been some nearby and if you are offering food. Hopefully you are leaving water out as well. Hogs can travel up to 2 miles a night so the distances you mention are not far to them.

    It might encourage them more easily if some food is left outside to start with so they can smell it more easily when passing your garden. Also a few hogs don’t like going into hog boxes to eat outdoors. There is no knowing how long it might take – it’s really trial and error. Fingers crossed one or some turn up soon. Keep us posted.

    Good luck!


    Hi I have a similar issue except we have had visits from a few different hogs for the past 2 years but all of a sudden the visits completely stopped during August last year which seemed really strange as they also stopped visiting our neighbours that are next to our back garden.
    There are no known badgers in the area and the only other animal that I picked up on the wildlife camera were cats.
    I’ve started leaving food out again in the hedgehog feeding station but no sign of any.
    I’m wondering why they would have suddenly stopped all at the same time last year and if I will ever get visits again?

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    Hi LottyT

    Sorry to hear the hogs stopped visiting. There are lots of potential reasons, ie. the route to your garden may have been blocked, some nearby habitat may have been removed, etc.

    There’s no knowing, for sure, whether they will return, but hopefully they will. The best thing to do is make sure your own garden has as many wildlife friendly features as possible and maybe leave some food out – as you are doing. Don’t forget water as well – vitally important for hogs, all day every day. But if you do all that and there are hogs around, they are likely to visit again.

    Good luck. Hope some hoggy visitors return soon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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