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Missing hedgehogs

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    I normally have about 2-3 hedgehogs that visit my garden every night. But for the past 4 weeks I have not seen them and their food is always untouched. Does anyone have this problem? If anyone has did they eventually come back?


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    Hi Laurasweet24

    Sorry to hear that the hogs there have gone missing. It’s something that happens sometimes. Hogs have surprisingly large ranges and they may just be concentrating on other parts of their ranges – especially now in the run up to hibernation time.

    Don’t worry too much. Hopefully they will return, if not before hibernation then afterwards.

    I would continue to leave a small amount of food out, in case they return, but definitely make sure water is available all day every day – including through the winter. You never know when a really thirsty hog is going to happen along.

    Good luck.


    Ok thank you I have also my neighbour has had building work done as that might contribute to it


    After several years of feeding/housing and monitoring hedgehog’s in our garden I was devastated when about 4 months ago they disappeared. I put this down to a sighting on the cameras of a badger which was totally unexpected as we had never seen them before. Nevertheless, the hogs stopped visiting and so I stopped putting any food out, but left the feed stations and houses in place. A couple of days ago we noticed some poo on the lawn that looked like hedgehogs. I then put a camera at one of the highway holes and a few calci worms nearby. Sure enough next day there was a sighting of a hedgehog eating their favourite treats.
    I then put the nibbles out and water etc to the feeding stations and put cameras focused on them. Happy to say that a hog visited all the old areas of the garden, just like the old days. Not sure at the moment whether its one or more, but a huge relief to see them back.


    It happens to me every year and always puzzles me. I haven’t seen any of mine for a couple of weeks now and am hoping they’re ok. They do usually come back.


    The neighbour’s building work may well have been a factor. I had hedgehogs visiting my garden every night, but then BT installed new OpenReach poles in the alley behind my garden and the hedgehogs stopped coming. I was very sad indeed, and drafted angry emails to BT about tramping about in overgrown areas and disturbing endangered critters … But after a few nights of me leaving food scattered around the hedgehog hole between my garden and the alley, the hogs returned, and now two of them have actually moved into the garden and sleep in my hedgehog houses. They do seem to get spooked by upheaval, but I hope yours will return too. ♡


    Hi tamzinaki
    That’s great about your hedgehogs. The building work finished a few days ago and have left out some dried food and water in a feeding station for them. Hopefully the hedgehogs will come back.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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