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Missing my hogs.

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    Just signed in after an absence. It is good to hear that hedgehogs are still visiting other not watchers gardens. Mine have been missing since the beginning of August. I used to have at least 3 hogs making a number of visits a night. I have a camera in my feeding station. Then nothing since 3rd August, no visible signs either eg such as poo.
    I keep putting out food, but just get a slug fest. I hope they come back before long so I can feed them up for winter.


    During the Summer I had three, one was run over last week. One has disappeared and I do have one left but it’s much much quieter out there. I totally feel you :(. I have one calling in every few days but my food is left uneaten every night.


    Since the beginning of July I’ve had 5/6 hoggys visiting and two weeks ago they have stopped. Not seen hide nor hair of them. I can’t leave food out as there’s a lot of cats in the street and they eat it. I’m really missing my wee Hoggy visitors and I go out regularly every night several times in the hope of a Hoggy friend but no 🙁
    I feel for you as I’m feeling the same. I also am hoping they return soon so I can feed them ready for winter


    Must be horrible to discover one of your visiting hogs has been run over, I think one of my three suffered the same fate as my number of visiting hedgehogs reduced by one the same day I discovered the poor thing dead in the road.

    Now I’ve got none after seeing them in the garden every night for the past two & a half years & the amount of hogs I’ve seen dead in the road this summer has really upset me although I keep reading that can indicate a healthy population in the area but that doesn’t make it any less upsetting to see.


    Hi all, don’t give up hope, some of mine have come back over the last week. Don’t know where you are, but here in Lancashire it’s an overcoat colder than further south! So wait till it gets a few degrees colder before giving up on them. They will expect the food and water to be waiting for them, so try leaving something for them and best wishes to you all.


    I refuse to give up on them 😂 I’ve even put hedgehog highway marker signs on the fence and we’ve got a lovely hog house if they wish to move in 😁😁🦔🦔


    I had at least three hogs visiting every night from April. Now all of a sudden none of them are coming. It’s been about two weeks now and i’m really missing them. I still put food out and check my cameras every morning, living in hope. I really hope it has nothing to do with a fox that I saw in the area recently.


    Hi all, it’s getting a frosty feeling here at night now. The 3 I have are still here, but no sign of 3 from last year. I’m hoping they still make it back from wherever they are. Just keep on hoping. Best wishes.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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