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Moving Hedgehogs

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    Hello, we have had hedgehog ‘sightings’ in our garden the last few weeks and tonight, noticed at dusk a rustling coming from under a tarp covering our wooden garden recliner. Low and behold some careful peeking with a camera shows two hedgehogs in there. It sounds like a lot of noise so I suspect mating. We are really pleased they are in the garden but can’t leave them under the recliner tarp (it gets used every week). My wife has bought a hedgehog house/hut which we will get in a couple of days and we intend to leave the hedgehogs be until we get it. However, what is the best way to move them without scaring them or hurting them? I was thinking wait until dusk and if they ‘go out’ for the night we could then remove the tarp and put the new house in a nearby place with some cat biscuits inside. Welcome any advice!!!

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    Hi Ajmartin

    Good news that you have hedgehogs in the garden! I imagine that if they were involved in courtship activities under the tarp that they won’t be there any longer.

    Brilliant that you are getting a hog house. If the hogs, or one hog, is still under the tarp, I would place the hog house fairly near and hope that it moves into it (as you suggested). As long as there is a suitable location nearby. But give them a chance to move without removing the tarp. If a hog has built a nest under the tarp, you shouldn’t remove it. If you put a small amount of bedding into the house it might give a hog the idea to move in, but place more suitable materials nearby – i.e. long grasses, medium sized leaves, etc. Many hogs like to do their own interior decorations!

    I wouldn’t put food into the hog house, if you are hoping for it to be used for nesting. (Some people use hog houses only for placing supplementary food in, but that’s a bit different).

    Good luck. Hope it all ends up well.


    We’ve got several hog houses that are feeding houses really. The hogs come out at night and tuck in then go on thier merriment. But we are moving soon to a villiage just 5 minutes away. The problem we have is one little hog has recently decided that once he’s eaten he just stays in one or other of the houses. Been like that for serevel weeks now. What shall we do? Turf him out? Take him with us? He’s all safe and snug and it’s a right dilemma. Please advise. Thanks.

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    Hi Joparrot

    Is there any chance you can leave any hog box which is being occupied behind and have a word with the people who move in there. You should definitely not take him with you, but if you mean 5 minutes walking, he might visit where you move to as well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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