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Moving in hibernation

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    Hi, I am having my decking replaced at the end of November and I believe I have hedgehogs under there. How do I move them? Should I bring them indoors for this winter? If yes what do I put them in? Where is the best place to keep them? Has anyone else dealt with this issue?


    Wow that’s a difficult one but firstly, no, don’t bring them in! That’s really not recommended.

    Have they hibernated already? If not then try to persuade them to move themselves now. I’ve had success doing that by providing an easy alternative of better accommodation than they currently have like a proper hog house already kitted out with some bedding and plenty more outside.

    If they have hibernated already then I am at a bit of a loss because they’re going to get disturbed whatever happens and that’s not good news for a hibernating hedgepig. I’d be ringing a local hedgehog rescue for help/advice?


    I would second the ringing a local hedgehog rescue for advice. The BHPS can help you locate your local rescue or may be able to advise you themselves. BHPS can be reached on 01584 890801.

    It sounds like you have time to get this sorted out, one way or another, which is great. But do be aware that the longer into November we get the more chance there will be that the hedgehogs are now hibernating. Which will make this tougher to deal with.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Sharryann

    I agree with WilliamC. Definitely not a good idea to take them indoors. Also getting advice from a local rescue is a good idea.

    Are you sure that the hedgehogs are nesting under your decking – hibernating or otherwise ? Do they come out for food? Are you able to get under the decking to get them out? Providing alternative accommodation might work. But, it seems to me that if they have to be moved, it would be better if they were moved sooner rather than later (in the hope they haven’t started hibernating yet) and make sure they can’t get back under. You may get an idea of whether they are hibernating because, if so, they are likely to have built a fairly substantial nest.


    I haven’t seen much of them this year but in previous years I have seen them going under there after coming out to feed or around that area. I do have a hog house in another area it’s been there about 10 years but they have never used it. Thanks for the advice I will give them a call and see what they say or recommend. I really don’t want to harm them, I love having them around.


    In response to Nic, I can see under some parts but not all. As the deck is coming up I will take up the odd board gently now and see if I can see anything, they may have moved on (hope not). Thank you

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    Hi Sharryann

    It might be the best thing all round if they have moved from under the decking. It doesn’t mean that they won’t continue to visit your garden. They do need to move nest sites from time to time to reduce the effect of parasites, etc. Most of the many years I have had hedgehogs visiting my garden, none of them actually lived here. So if they aren’t there, just be pleased they don’t have to be disturbed and hope they return to visit after hibernation.

    Good luck.


    Thank you Nic, I hope in a way they aren’t there. I’m going to take some of the boards up and have a look tomorrow. Fingers crossed 🤞

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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