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My hogs have disappeared but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    I last saw a hog on Good Friday but the next 2 nights no sightings and food was untouched in the morning. I put twigs in front of my hog houses and they were not disturbed.

    Last 2 nights something had a nibble on the food but hardly any had been eaten so this wasn’t a hog more likely the resident wood mice as the hogs like to clean their plates! Again the twigs were undisturbed.

    I was trying to remain positive but feared the worst as I have never had 4 ‘no shows’ on the run. One thought I had was someones Easter weekend DIY job might have introduced an impenetrable barrier to halt the hogs. I was trying as best I could to peer in to my neighbours gardens to look for new fences or anything out of the ordinary that might have blocked access but couldn’t see anything obvious (I must have seemed like a nosey heighbour!!).

    I also remember Nic saying that the hogs might disappear when they find the ladies but thought even then they would still stop by for a bite.

    I always knew that there is a lot outside my control with regards to the local hogs and their movements and the perils they face and thought that maybe I might not see another hog in my garden this year or maybe ever again.

    Imagine my joy when tonight one of my spikey friends turned up for a feed and a drink.

    Maybe I jumped too quickly to conclusions as to why the hogs disappeared but thought I would post this story in case anyone elses hogs have also disappeared as they will hopefully also return in their own good time.

    If only they could talk then I could ask them what they have been up too!!!!!


    I was left puzzled the night before last.

    One feeding-station still had the twig across it and the food inside untouched.

    The other had very little taken.

    (I usually find empty dishes and a whole lot of mess in both stations).

    I was a little worried.

    Last night I checked before going to bed and all the food from both stations had gone already and so put out seconds. Both plates emptied again when I checked this morning.

    I think they like to be contrary just to keep us on our toes.

    During my checks last night, I came across two hogs together just outside of the hog-house beneath the leylandii hedge, well away from the feeding stations. I didn’t want to disturb them so left them to whatever it was they were up to, but I have my suspicions 🙂


    Some nights very little food is taken, and we get fewer visits recorded on the camera, last night we had 2 hogs which were very active between 9 pm and after midnight! I am hoping we get some hoglets to watch later in the year. We have had 5 or more different hedgehogs visiting our feeder this year.

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    Hi Hogmeister

    Really pleased a hog has returned. Yes, there are numerous possible reasons why they were absent for a while.

    Not sure I recognise ‘the hogs might disappear when they find the ladies but thought even then they would still stop by for a bite’. Maybe I said the male hogs sometimes meet a female and get distracted, before they reach the feeding area – where most people have their cameras. I haven’t noticed that they completely disappear for female related reasons – although I have noticed the young males do tend to (gradually) move on as they grow up. But I suppose it’s possible that if there are no female hogs around that some of the males would spend more time where there were females. But, I’ve always found that some male hogs seem to be more interested in food anyway!

    The main thing is, that a hog is back, and hopefully they’ll continue visiting. Yes, wouldn’t it be nice if we could ask them what they’d been up to!


    It’s all gone quiet on the hedgehog front here the last couple of nights. We’ve been having at least 2 regulars, but no sightings last night or tonight (so far!), and food untouched. Very odd. Not sure if it’s because the weather has had a downturn (& is raining again at the moment). Will keep the bowls topped up and fingers crossed!


    Hi, I am having the same problems, no hogs, no food being eaten or water drunk. I’m happy to say I have a good supply of rain water for them again! I am trying to keep calm over these no shows, just hoping the wet weather has done wonders for the natural food supply. No gardening or shaping up has been done in close locality, yet, so it’s no one’s fault, so take heart champions out there, we will just have to wait and see. I’ve got some white tail bees in a bird box outside the front door, so will spend time watching their antics for now. They are walling up the hole, leaving a small hole for nighttime. 2 bees seem to do this, spending all day sorting it, they they workers bustle in and wreck it all. Best wishes to you all.

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    Hogs often don’t like very windy weather, as we just had, so that’s another possible reason for their absence (to add to the list). Not surprising when you think that they rely a lot on their sense of hearing and smell – both of which would be impacted by wind. I did have a couple of visitors here, but they took a completely different route through the garden, so completely missed one of the cameras and didn’t stay to eat as much food as usual.

    Hopefully all the hogs will return soon.


    Hi Nic,

    I had another no show and untouched food the following night after the hog returned after the 4 night absence but I then had a visit the next night and then 2 visits the following night (last night).

    This recent erratic behaviour is in contrast to previous years but, as you say, the main thing is the hogs are back and they can clearly still access my garden which was a real concern.

    I think they might just be having some fun at my expense – cheeky hogs!


    Hi KimT53 & Annker,

    Interesting to hear about your similar experiences to me re disappearing hogs but hope your, and everyones, hogs also return in the fullness of time.

    Also interesting to hear about your bees in your bird box Annker. I had this this happen to me last year (tree bumblebees) but fortunately the blue tits in there had already fledged as I have read they are quite capable of evicting any resident birds they find in there.


    Hi again, just trolled through my cctv and found the large male hog, “Benny” has been visiting between 3-30am and 5-30am. He’s been in the feeding station several times, so don’t know why he’s not eating much, but looked quite happy. The two females have not been seen. Just hope there’s a lot of juicy insects around for them. After all, although it’s nice for us to be able to feed them, they shouldn’t rely on us for food. Anything could happen to us, as I know. My white tailed bees, I reported them years ago when they were invading our country. They are all over now and don’t seem to be causing any harm to other bees at all. They are not aggressive, I’ve reported them again, they’ve come back to the same bird box after missing a few years. Sending you all good wishes.


    Finally seem to have had a visitor(s)! A couple of days with zero attendance, but somebody is visiting the feeding station again (& seems to quite like the little bit of wet chicken dog food mashed up as well as the Spikes. Not as much food going as before but I’m hoping that’s because the natural food sources are increasing.


    Hi, here I am again. “Benny” came again last night and ate the lot. All the spike plus all the hog biscuits, as well as some chicken dream cat biscuits. He also left several poo plops as a Thankyou. He didn’t drink much water from inside the station, in fact he left it quite mucky, but then I saw him visiting several outdoor ground level bird baths. Now considering making a small pool as well. Still missing the two females. Best wishes to you all.


    Hi, well, Benny seems to be visiting regularly in the early hours. Sometimes clearing all the food, sometimes not eating much at all. Still not seen the two females since first out of hibernation. He has appeared this evening to feed. Today the grass cutters have been to cut three patches of grass and all the verges. Don’t know if this helps the hogs find food, the birds were enjoying the cut grass. Truth is, I wish they would leave the grass uncut, but there’s always someone who wants things neat and tidy. My lawn is uncut and full of dandelions, due to us having chest infections, but don’t care at this time. Best wishes.

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    Hi Annker

    I have come to the conclusion that hogs like some fairly short grass to forage on, but not too short.

    But when, for instance, the council comes to cut long grass on verges, etc. it can be bad news for hedgehogs and other wildlife unless they check that there are none present before they use strimmers, etc. Hedgehogs can get really terrible injuries from strimmers and the like – sometimes fatal.

    Two of my hog visitors have made their way to my garden with strimmer injuries at different times. One had to be put down because the injury was so bad – the other is currently at the wildlife hospital – hopefully with a chance of recovery. Still bad news for that hog, as it has to be kept in captivity until the deep wound heals, which for a wild hog is not good news.

    It is a serious message that needs to get out there. Grass should always be checked for wildlife, before cutting.

    Pleased to hear that Benny is visiting regularly.

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