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Mystery Of The Missing Poo!

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    A few of us dedicated hog watchers have sometimes witnessed a strange phenomena…missing poo! Oh yes, on many occasion I have gone out armed with shovel in hand to remove some strategically placed offering before it gets paddled into the house, only to find that it has vanished into thin air! Well, one of our latest residents Winston has now solved the mystery. Unlike most of our prickly friends Winston is a stickler about his personal hygiene. If nature calls, no matter what time of day or night, he pops outside to do the business. As you can imagine, a fair few parcels were starting to accumulate around his property, but one by one they all disappeared. So who or what is the mystery poo fairy I hear you ask…well, it’s a wood mouse! Maybe these resourceful little creatures, constantly under siege from the neighbourhood felines, have found a way of disguising their burrows…how clever! 🙂

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    Hi Penny

    Fascinating little things, mice. I saw a thing on our local news – can’t remember it exactly but I think the mice were moving things around in someone’s shed!

    I wonder whether the mice might think there is a bit of nutrition still to be had from the hedghog poos.

    I saw one on my video, recently, seemingly jumping up at a plant. Not really sure what that was about, either.


    Hi Penny,

    that’s a piece of information I hadn’t imagined to be the case! We have a wood mouse or two it seems, living in the hedge that runs below our kitchen window. I have sat outside and watched one a few times- and they are sweet little creatures, that actually sit and watch you back after a while. We also had a bee swarm this week that landed in the garden – which was a first for us. fear of them taking up residence in a chimney (which they seemed to be attracted to) led us to call a local beekeeper who came and collected them in a box! I hadn’t realised such methods could be used for collecting bees – but the whole thing was fascinating. what amazing little creatures they are! the beekeeper tells us they are settling into the spare hive he had – so hopefully a good result for them and him…(and us)


    Hi Jan-Marie,

    Funny that you should mention bees, it seems that Winston has now vacated his property after an influx of nightmare neighbours moved in! He could just about tolerate the wood mice and the blackbirds rifling their way through the leaf litter all day, but young song thrushes using his roof as an anvil to break open snails and a family of bumble bees moving into the compost heap next door have proven too much…just how on earth is a hedgehog supposed to get any sleep! Oh and I forgot to mention the shrew…?A strange creature was spotted on the trail cam moving around on his roof in the gap under the tiles, whatever it was was very small and had an incredibly long nose…also very cute!


    Poor Winston! hope he has managed to find another place to call home. I’ve had several more encounters with bees over the last couple of weeks – not hunny bees this time, but bumbles. I hadn’t appreciated that on seeing them on the ground from time to time and appearing lifeless, that they are often just exhausted and you can revive them! having been told this, I’ve had the opportunity to revive a few over the last week or so. With a simple mix of sugar and water offered to them on a shallow spoon, they will drink it (which in itself is quite amazing to watch). After a few minutes (or seconds even for the smaller bumble varieties) they buzz off, back to what they were doing!


    Hi Jan-Marie,

    There’s no wonder Winston moved out, these bumble bees have no shame, the trail cam’s just recorded what I assume to be a new queen and a worker up to goodness knows what right outside his front door! Yes they’re fascinating creatures, especially watching them going in and out of the nest, I didn’t realise you could revive them with sugar water, there have been a few lifeless ones on the lawn recently so I shall give that a go…looks like I am becoming obsessed with bumble bees as well as hedgehogs! As for Winston, he’s a bit of a property magnate, he would often stay away for one or two days at a time, so it’s entirely possible that he’s just checking up on the rest of his portfolio and throwing out any squatters, he’s still regularly captured on camera rolling a few rivals around the patio! 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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