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Neighbour's fence

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    I’ve a back garden where I’ve lived for 10 years and I’ve always seen hedgehogs on a regular basis.
    However last summer the neighbour put up a big solid fence at the end of the garden and there’s already a stone wall at the other end so my garden’s now a dead end. Since then I’ve seen no hedgehogs.
    I did ask the neighbour if we could put a small hole at the bottom but he said it would let cats in and he actually said that’s why he’s put the fence up to help wild life by stopping cats. I’ve no idea if hedgehogs are scared by cats but he seems quite adamant.
    Anyone any idea how I could convince him to come round to the idea that his 8 foot fence is actually stopping wildlife especially hedgehogs. Perhaps a way a hole could be made to allow hedgehogs but not cats. He seems to think any hole big enough for hedgehogs is big enough for cats.


    We have a hollow in the soil underneath the concrete panels that our fence is on top of. Our hedgehogs manage to get into our garden via there, it would not be big enough for a cat. It is probably about 10cm deep. I find that the hedgehogs are not bothered by the cat visitors we get in our garden.

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    Hi Davelees215

    I agree the hedgehogs will not mind the cats. The only problem might arise if the neighbour was planning on feeding the hogs – which sounds unlikely – but there are other ways of keeping the cats away from hog food. The important thing is that the hogs have access to as many gardens as possible. Blocking them off from your garden is a backward step. If they are not feeding the hogs, there would be nothing to encourage the cats in over night. Maybe you could suggest that a hog hole had a little ‘gate’, of some kind, on it which could stop cats during the day, when the birds are around, but be opened at night – maybe you could volunteer to man the hog gate.

    8 foot fence doesn’t even sound that good for birds, either. (and anyway one garden is no good for birds in isolation either).

    I hope you find some sort of solution. So sad for you if the hogs can no longer visit.


    If his fence is really 8 feet it needs planning permission (max is 2 metres, 8 feet = c. 2.4 metres).


    Good point Williamc, I hope you manage to talk him round.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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