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Nesting behaviour in August

Home Forums Champions’ chat Nesting behaviour in August

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    Hello all. I have just joined this fabulous group. Thank you. I have hedgehogs visiting for food every evening. I have released them in the past for my local Rescue successfully, and they have wandered off when they were ready as I have natural highways. I have 2 hedgehog houses in different parts of the garden. I put a little nesting material in them and left them alone. 2 days ago I noticed leaves around the entrance to one house that I hadn’t put there, so that evening I set my trail camera up. A hog was busily going in and out with mouthfuls of dried leaves again and again. I haven’t disturbed it, but I am wondering if this is a female nesting for a late brood, or just a hoggy making a daytime nest. It seems too early for hibernation. The houses have been in the garden for a couple of years and never had a nest in. It’s all very exciting. What do you think is happening at this time of year?


    Almost certainly about to have babies. In a few weeks you can look out for the babies to start to emerge with mum
    They usually build the nest quite close to having the babies


    Oh right I see, thank you ……how lovely that would be. Last night the camera didn’t pick up any activity going in or out so I wonder if the hog is staying inside now. If it is a female having babies, would the mother leave them to come out for food for herself after they are born? Is it a bit late in the season to successfully rear young?


    Yes she will come out for food and water so make sure it’s available, she may also come out during the daytime, so watch out. It may be a day or two before she does though. As long as she appears purposeful don’t worry. In this heat it’s also likely that she may come out to snooze when the babies are asleep.
    Don’t put food too close as you don’t want to attract predators
    These are what are referred to as Autumn juveniles. Most don’t survive without help from us with extra feeding


    Thank you. The food station is away from where the house is, and I leave food and water every night. I will update as and when 😉


    Hi. I just joined the site. We saw a hedgehog a couple of times at night in our garden so put a house down and the next day it was stuffed full of leaves and a hedgehog had already moved in. This last week the hedgehog has been coming out around 5/6pm while light. She walks around the garden stopping for food we put down then walks out under our gate and heads up a few houses and under another gate. She is always home by the next day and i have seen her do this 3 times and chances are we missed seeing some. She looks a good size and always walks with no sign of injury. Does this mean we might have babies? Should we put extra food around to help them survive.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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