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Nesting hedgehog.

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    A hedgehog has nested under our shed. She spent all morning 16 June 2017 pulling up grass and building her nest. She looks thinner now I think, so possibly has babies. She regularly leaves our garden between 4.30 and 5.30 pm which seems early. She then has a regular route that she takes into a neighbours garden.



    How is your hog getting on?…….hope all well.
    I have about 5 hogs visiting-using?- my garden but no babies, so I wish you and your nesting hog well.


    Hoping to see the babies soon. She still leaves her nest between 4.30 and 5pm and goes off on her set route. Is this unusual behaviour? I thought they were nocturnal unless unwell. 5 hedgehogs is great!


    This time of year they quite often set off in daylight, mine do, because there really isn’t enough “night” to have a full hiking trip. If she has got hoglets then it can be pretty much any time of day for a brief, purposeful, bug hunt.


    Brilliant thanks for clarifying that


    I have seen two hoglets so far not together and not with mum .So pleased nesting was successful.


    A hedgehog has built a nest in the wooden feeder last night. Is situated under my hedge. Went out this evening to put food out and thought what is all this rubbish doing inside. Then noticed the hedgehog laid on top of the pile. Had to rummage around for the feeder bowl. That one is now all full in another feeder.

    Have had them build a nest in that feeder before and one hibernate for the winter. Great to see though.



    Another feeder being taken up for nesting. That’s makes two with nest up to now.

    Wonder if it will get the rest of the roll inside. Surprising how much rubbish there is in the nest.


    Hi William,

    Is it usual for a Hedgehog to pull in rubbish like this ? I would have thought the plastic in particular isn’t good to have in there .

    I put some hay (ordinary stuff from the pet shop) into my boxes and they seem happy using that , plus some leaves that they pull in occasionally.


    Hi Gr8mums, it is surprising what hedgehogs will use for nesting material. In a suburban setting they will use whatever they can find. I do put hay out for them when I know they are building a nest, but this one done all that over a night or so. Was not putting food in that one as it was not being used. Noticed the blue this morning when I went out with the bird food.

    It just goes to show just what a messy species we humans are, when you see stuff like that in a hedgehog nest. Same with birds, they will use whatever they can find during nesting season.


    Poor wee hogs, as you say we leave so much rubbish around that this is where it ends up !

    I’ve watched the birds using the fur that I brush from my rabbit for their nests. I used to put it in the bin but one day I noticed some blowing about and it was quickly gathered up by the birds ☺️


    I have pulled the polly bag role out now. I seen in a video that the hedgehog was trying to pull it out. I don’t know if the hedgehog is still in there as I tend to leave well alone and just put a camera at night on it. Not much activity at the moment. I did put some nice hay out for it, but has not taken any in yet.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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