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    Hello. I think I have a nesting hog in the hog house we built. We have 2 rooms in the house – one where we put food & she appears to have built a very cosy nest in the other. Thinks it’s been around 3 weeks since we seen 3 hogs in the garden together with some definite activity – should we move the food & water outside so we don’t disturb – Or can we risk lifting the lid to add the food & water – we would hate to cause her to leave the nest – any advice?

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    Hi Deb4

    I would put the food and water somewhere else – there may be other hogs coming for the food and water, too. But it could also attract predators. So I would always keep feeding and nesting/sleeping boxes separately. Having said that hogs are quite capable of deciding they want to build a nest in a feeding box!

    But, I would leave her to bring up her young in peace, without the potential of other hogs turning up to eat next door.

    Good luck. Happy hog watching and hopefully happy hoglet watching later on!


    Thanks Nic

    I hadn’t thought about other hogs going in – in my mind it’s her house 🤪. So we are going to start leaving the food outside the house. We seen her out & about last night – seemed bigger (although it could be wishful thinking). She seemed to be moving more frantically, her poop has gotten bigger & she has moved more hay & leaves in overnight – very excited 😊



    This morning I had a little peak into Hog Towers (didn’t disturb) and I had 2 hedgehogs sleeping in the house – both adult size – 1 was at the back not covered in bedding and 1 had its face just peaking through straw at the internal doorway – is the usual?
    we seen 2 feeding together in the newly built feeding station 2 nights ago

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    Hi Deb4

    It seems to be being mentioned more often that there are two hogs in the same hog house, although sometimes I suspect people have been relying on cameras and not seeing one hog come out and another go in – different hogs will often use the same hog house at different times. Also some boxes may be big enough for more than one actual nest. Or maybe one hog was out a bit late and just sneaked in at the edge!

    I would avoid disturbing them, if possible.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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