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Home Forums Carers / rescuing a hedgehog NEW BHPS PETITION AGAINST A24 TRAP, PLEASE SIGN!

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    Hi everybody,

    I have just realised that the BHPS petition against the horrific A24 trap, that can potentially kill hedgehogs on mass and wipe out entire colonies, is up and running again. We need to reach 100.000 signatures by the 1st June 2018 if we are to stand any chance of triggering a debate in Parliament and have the DEFRA approval withdrawn.

    For those not familiar with the campaign, the last petition reached nearly 30.000 signatures in six weeks, but was closed early in May 2017 due to the snap election and parliament being dissolved. The signatures cannot be rolled over so we are starting again from scratch.

    Here is the link to the petition:

    Here is the link to the trap info on the BHPS petition page:

    Please help spread the word. Even if you are not on social media, you could email the link to people who are, or put up some campaign posters. Where hedgehogs are concerned, people are usually only too willing to help. If you know of any teenagers with hundreds of friends, just think how quickly the word could spread.


    Signed it x


    I have signed it. I have also posted lots of posters about it through peoples doors.


    Hi Winchester Hog, (love the profile pic!)

    That’s fantastic, we have a long way to go before we reach the magic 100,000, so keep up the good work everyone. 🙂

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    Please keep signing and sharing the message.

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    Link to Penny’s 2018 Poster about the Petition.

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    Hi everyone

    Now that the hogs are beginning to come out of hibernation, please remember to sign the Petition. It is so important for our hedgehogs.


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    Hopefully everyone will have received an email about the petition, as I have. Please sign everyone!


    I received an email about this today but I signed and shared when I joined in early February. Is the one I signed the one that is current or do I need to sign agiain?

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    Hi Elless

    If you signed this year it is the right one. Thanks for signing and please keep sharing the info.

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    Please keep signing everyone


    Hi all hedgehog champions,

    I received an email yesterday from the campaign group 38 degrees that organise their own online petitions. The email was asking for signatures on a petition, targeted at DEFRA, to have the approval of the A24 trap that kills hedgehogs withdrawn. From what I can gather, the petition started by John Turner, has reached over 135,500 SIGNATURES IN JUST 12 DAYS!!!
    Here is the link…

    It’s fantastic that this one has managed to raise over 100,000 signatures in such a short time, but we need ours to do the same in order to trigger a debate in parliament. If this one can do it, then why can’t the government petition?

    From what I understand, anyone who ever signs a 38 degrees petition, is then targeted with any new petitions they think might be of interest, with the result that they have a massive database of people at their disposal. Anyone who signs also has the option to share it over social media and so word spreads rapidly. It just shows that it can be done, all we need is access to the 38 Degrees database or some high profile celeb’s to get tweeting!!!

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    Hi Penny

    That’s really interesting and amazing! I wonder who the person who started the petition is and whether he is connected with the BHPS and if not, if they know about it. Interestingly the numbers on the parliament petition have started increasing a bit this afternoon for some reason. Sadly the thunderclap over the weekend didn’t seem to have a huge effect, unless today is delayed action to it. Have you been in contact with BHPS to enquire? Do you have to be on social media to sign that petition or just have an email?

    As you say, if they can get so many to sign, we should be able to as well. But it has to increase the effect of the gov. petition. I would just say, that the wording on it seems far more easily understandable, though.

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    Hi again Penny

    I have been trying to find out a bit about the 38 degrees petitions. Some of them seem to have a target of 200,000 but I couldn’t find out what the timescale was. I see the organisers can email the people who have signed, but don’t know whether they can email about the gov. petition. If they can it would be really good. I think people are more likely to sign as a result of a direct approach, such as an email. I read that the person who started the petition was someone who rescues hedgehogs. Are they on Hedgehog Street?

    It is really important that the gov. petition works as well, as that should trigger a debate in parliament, so hope everyone keeps signing. It was on the home page again just now – 3rd most Popular.


    Hi Penny and Nic,

    This is very interesting indeed and they have done a great job in getting nearly 140,000 signatures in 2 weeks on the same A24 trap campaign as the Petition Parliament. 38 degrees must have a huge database that can access and see these campaigns via email and social media so it would be great to make a connection between the two campaigns and get the number of sigantures on the Petition Parliament up to the same level.

    I saw there was an option to contact John Turner via email so I thought, why not, so I aksed if there is anyway we can make a connection between the two campaigns to increase our rate of signatures maybe by including the link to the Petition Parliament in the thread of the post.

    If I hear anything back I will let you know.

    In the meantime there is certainly mileage in all Hedgehog Champions putting the message out there via social media, local online community forums, contacting wildlife organisations, rescue centres and the like to get the message out there as this does spread the word. Although there is no real way of checking hopefully this increases the number of signatures.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 62 total)

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