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New build house, hedgehogs seen!

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings New build house, hedgehogs seen!

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    Hi all

    Very new to all of this and have just signed up as a Champion. What has got me very excited is that I live on a new build development but on a brownfield site, so some natural landscape still intact. My hubby works nights and saw one not far from our house as he went to work the other evening; I then asked on our local community facebook page who has seen hogs and it seems hedgehogs are seen quite often. So we cut a hole in our gate and two days later, I found hedgehog poo by our compost heap – I cannot tell you how excited I was! We have water reems running through the development and other residents seem to see them near these wilder areas.

    I’ve always put out a shallow bowl of water and have now stocked up on hog feed – the second night it had all gone. I’m now thinking about getting a hog home – do I put it in our garden (we have left half the garden wild) or just stock up some logs by our compost heap?

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


    That is great news and I am sure the hedgehogs will appreciate any help. I am not an expert but get very excited when I see them. We have a trail camera we set up every night and watching the footage is always an eye opener.
    There is a petition at the moment to get legislation through on new developments- to include hedgehog highways. The thread is on a few posts on this site. It would be great if you could sign and forward to anyone you know and put on your facebook. Good luck with the hogs. They bring such joy!


    Thanks simbo65 – I have signed that petition as saw it on twitter.

    A trail cam is on my Xmas list …


    Hi EmmaP, I’m a new hog watcher too and I have had a hogilo tucked in a corner under the shrubs since early summer, with a plentiful supply of hay and dry leaves, although the hogs haven’t seemed very keen to use it! However – recently I crept in and lifted the lid and it’s filled with bedding – so I am hoping there might be a hog sleeping or nesting underneath! They seem to ignore hog houses for ages, years in some cases, and then suddenly use them – you will soon discover that hogs are a law unto themselves! I would say get a home if you can but don’t be disappointed if the little darlings decide to sleep in your log pile! Whatever you do I am sure they will appreciate the food and water – which will encourage them to visit. Nothing more satisfying than seeing a fat little hog running like the wind across the camera shots, 30 seconds of video and 5 seconds – if that – of a dashing hedgehog!

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    Hi EmmaP

    I was so pleased to hear you have hedgehogs there – in a new build! Really encouraging to hear. It sounds a brilliant idea to get a hog home for your garden. You might like to check out:
    which gives you information about where to site, etc.

    Good luck.


    Thanks for the ideas! There seems to be a few around here thankfully so feel rather protective now ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hope Santa brings you your trail cam. But be warned it becomes addictive.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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