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New hedgehog in already occupied box

Home Forums Champions’ chat New hedgehog in already occupied box

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    I had to take our resident hedgehog to the local rescue centre last week as he was thought to have lungworm. Whilst he’s been away I planned to block off the entrance but hadn’t got round to it.

    Tonight another hedgehog came out of the box ๐Ÿ™ my one should be coming back early next week. There is another box in the garden but it is a small garden.


    Hi Suzynic,
    They are opportunists aren’t they!
    We do quite a bit of soft releasing of rehabilitated hogs and have had varying success at getting them settled in a hog house on release over the years. I think its true to say that they are fussy and much prefer to choose and make their own homes and nests however you approach it – but they do still move around between nests despite this.
    However – my advise would be to check if the box is continuing to be in use – as it may have been rejected by the opportunist hog after a day or twos use, If it is occupied, then check out your second box. If that is not occupied, then prepare it for your resident hogs homecoming with some fresh bedding, (we use torn paper / guinea pig paper based absorbent bedding and hay mixed) but then top it up by using the bedding he has been in whilst at the rescue centre or comes home in. They are big on smells and they are reassured by familiar smells, especially their own.
    Hope it works out.


    Hi Jan-Marie
    I was so surprised when I heard it come out of the box! I presumed that box had been unoccupied since we got it, but it seems like it may have been used more than what I realized ๐Ÿ™‚
    I will have to set my trail cam up as close to the box as possible, or keep on look out. The box is wedged in-between the wall of the garage and a bush, and there is a log pile on one side as well so its difficult to get to.
    Thank you for the advice, I will update you when I can!


    Meant to add, as had assumed – when you get your resident hog back – hopefully in good health and ready to go. you should re-release at dusk (from 8pm ish currently) and place him at the entrance to whichever is the empty hog house with his transferred bedding in. He should shuffle in – to get away from you as a threat will be his thinking – then you need to leave him to get on with it himself – with some water and food handy where you usually leave it. Fingers crossed he stays. He may try to usurp the new intruder from his old home – but you will have two prepped hog houses for them to occupy anyway – you cant do anymore really.


    Thanks Jan-Marie, I have previously released another hedgehog back in the garden before (another one with lungworm) along with a female that needed releasing and did the same. It was quite amusing actually, the resident hog came straight out and scuttled down the garden, and the female eventually came out with a towel still on top of her!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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