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New hedgehog

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    We have just noticed a new hedgehog using our hog house and are really excited to have him/her, but i have noticed that they are not straying very far from the house, it comes out feeds and just heads straight back In, my concern is that it could have hoglets and I am worried we disturd it, could it babies?, what are the signs, thanks for any advice.


    Does it come out, walk around, eat and head back purposefully or does it seem lethargic?
    If it does then it may be babies. If it seems lethargic then it’s likely sick and you need to get help/advice

    If you listen at the box you may hear the babies rustling around when mum is in there – or you may hear them call for her – it’s a high pitched peep ( a bit like a smoke alarm when the battery is going )
    If it is babies then she has opted to have them there so I wouldn’t worry about it. Keep a look out as the more adventurous babies may stick there heads out at about 3wks


    Thanks, no it doesn’t seem lethargic, just spends a lot of time checking the coast is clear before coming out, will keep an ear open and hopefully can find my trail camera to put out so we can keep an eye.


    Out and about and away for a wander.


    When I was out at around 7.30 this evening I spotted 2 hoglets snuffling around the entrance to the nest, they didn’t come out of it, one seemed more adventurous than the other, it wasn’t dark at all, is this normal for the hoglets to be moving around I the daylight, they seemed very healthy. We are very excited to have our first hoglets.


    Yes that’s perfectly normal behaviour for hoglets. Just keep an eye out that the more adventurous one doesn’t get lost!


    Hi, it’s 2pm and just spotted a hoglet out in the middle of the garden, we took him back to the entrance of the nest and he ran straight back In, was this ok to do?, or should we just of left him to wander?


    Hi. This is a difficult one to answer on here.
    It could be just an adventurous hoglet that has got a bit lost – if this is the case then you did the right thing
    It could be that mum has abandoned and it’s looking for her – if this is the case then they will need help. Do you know if the adult is still with the babies?
    If it comes out again have a good look at it as it may have fly strike. The eggs resemble lumps of yellowish tiny grains of rice – usually all stuck together in chunks and they are normally around any damp parts of the animal – eye’s, nose, mouth, ears, bottom. If it does have this get immediate help, from your local vet if you cannot get a carer
    Keep a watch out for the next 24hours and if mum doesn’t come home then contact your nearest carer. I would suggest you do this anyway for immediate advice


    Further to this – I have had a lot of abandoned babies this year. The weather is causing a lot of problems for hogs as the mum’s are not managing to find enough food to feed themselves.
    Once the babies start coming out during the daytime they get exhausted quickly and become a prime target for fly’s laying eggs.
    In this heat you have a very small window to get the eggs off before they hatch It is alway’s worth contacting your local carer.


    Not sure if mum still there,we have been away for a week, the hoglet itself looked healthy with no signs off fly eggs, unfortunately we are away for another couple of nights, but will check things out asap, thanks for the quick response.


    Just to let you know, we checked as soon as we got home and found the wee might in the feed box, I thought at first it was dead, but no, and unfortunately had a open very smelly wound on his neck, had a quick check of the nest box, which was empty, and headed straight to the vet, they phoned the sspca and he was picked up this afternoon, hopefully he/she makes it.


    Sorry if this is the wrong thread to post on, but I couldn’t find how to start a new one!

    We have a new hedgehog in our garden, we have a hedgehog house built, but wonder where we should put a feeding station?

    Should the food and drink be put next to the hedgehog house? Or can the feeding station go by our house, eg on the patio by our back doors? The hedghog house is some way for our back doors, in a quiet spot, so I wondered if they would avoid the food if it is too close to our house, kitchen noise / lights etc!

    Any advice would be much appreciated! I have found lots of info online about what / not to feed them, and how to build feeding stations to deter foxes etc, but I cannot find advice on where is best to PUT the food.

    Many thanks in advance.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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