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New Hog Champion.

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    Hi , having been given a hedgehog house by my daughter for xmas and having little visitors, sometimes three of an evening ,I decided to join “Hedgehog Street” and become a hedgehog champion .
    I have read all the information with interest.
    I have also been inspired by the feeding stations on the web site , so I decided to build my own so I can watch them from the house and keep track of my visitors to make sure they are all well .
    I do enjoy watching them rummaging around the garden and frightening my wife .
    I have seen three hog who come regularly to feed ,all seem in good health the little one seems to be bit of a bully as it seems to head butt the other one away from the food ,it quite funny to watch .
    I am look forward to watch them feed tonight in there new feeding station .
    will try and post some photos on the forum .


    Hi Darwood, just thought I’d say welcome to the forum. There is a lot of info on the site and a lot of very good and helpful advice off a lot of knowledgeable expert people. They are wonderful. Then there’s the rest of us! Glad you’ve made a feeding station. If it has a lid you can go out and have a chat to them and give them a treat, something you don’t usually put out for them to eat. It gets them use to you. We have 2 small hogs at the moment who look like twins and although I’ve seen 2 in the feeding station together many times, these won’t go in if the other 1 is in. Enjoy your new hobby! Best wishes.

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    Hi darwood

    Welcome to the Forum! How lovely that your daughter gave you a hog house. Hope you get a tenant soon, if you haven’t already. Sometimes a hog will move in almost immediately but other times, they don’t use them until they become ‘part of the landscape’.

    It’s a really good idea to feed the hogs somwhere so that you can watch them from the house. I usually leave the outside light on and the light off in the room I’m watching from. That way they you don’t disturb them at all and can see their natural behaviour without any interference. They really can be very entertaining – who needs TV with hogs around!

    You are lucky having a little one, which I’m assuming is a hoglet? They can be quite bossy and I have always found that the adults are very tolerant of them – until they reach a certain size and then the gloves are off!

    Good luck with the feeding station and happy hog watching!


    hi ,thank you for all your support .
    I been feeding the hogs over the winter month making sure that there was fresh and dried food plus freshwater .
    I’ve been hearing noises from the feeding station but could not see anything.
    have purchased a trail camera and set it up in side the station ,sure enough there he hog was ,large ,well fed and full of life .
    was glad to report that i think it might have take up residence in the hedgehog igloo my daughter got me many months ago.
    what I have done is got a under bed clear plastic box ,cut two hog size holes in the sides but on one side I have put a tube the size of the hole then mated it to the entrance of the igloo and filled the igloo with straw and some wood shavings
    looked at the footage last night and yippee I’ve got a tenant and a hungry one I’ll try to post some pictures if I can

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    Hi darwood

    Glad to hear you have continued hog activity there.

    I couldn’t work out quite what the purpose was of attaching the plastic box to the igloo, but lovely that you have a tenant in the igloo.

    Keep up the good work with the food and water – especially important with this dry spell we are having.

    Good luck and happy hog watching!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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