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New Hog House – Some Questions on Suitability

Home Forums Champions’ chat New Hog House – Some Questions on Suitability

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    Hi Everyone,

    So I built this little house after hearing of some sightings of hedgehogs in the area. I thought it was a good idea but now I have some concerns. Hopefully you all can reassure me or confirm my fears!

    I have made the house with 2 compartments with a single entry channel. The compartments are isolated however the dividing wall does not go full height. Each compartment is 400 wide by 400 deep by 150 – 300 tall (sloping roof). Should I either remove the divider or make it full height or is it okay?

    I have used a plastic sheet for the roof which I thought was a good idea I have put some wool insulation and a plastic sheet over the top as I was concerned about the noise from rain etc on the roof. However on review one site mentioned condensation in winter… Do I need to change the roof?

    Do I need to bury or pile stuff over the house or can I leave it as is ? Its made from 18mm thick ply and is raised off of the ground with access all around and sheltered by the hedge so should be warm enough when filled with bedding right?

    Sorry I have photos but can’t work out how to attach them…


    Hi, I have four wooden houses (all the same) which I purchased. They are approx. the same dimensions as the one you have made. Also they have the one entrance with a corridor and a left turn into the main compartment which again seems like you describe. The importance of the corridor is of course to prevent predators from gaining access. For me another important feature was that the roof is removeable so allowing easy access when it’s time to clean the houses out. I have not covered or buried any of the houses but have located them in areas which offer some protection from the elements. Last year all the houses were occupied. I did put some straw outside the houses an a little inside to encourage them which they used, alongside their normal bedding of leaves which they got themselves. So from what you have said the house sounds just right, but I am no expert in this area.


    Hi Alan, thanks. That really makes me feel better! Last thing I wanted to do was put something in place that wasn’t suitable.

    Think I will just change the roof as soon as I can get hold of some more untreated wood panels

    Thanks again, happy hog watching.


    Sounds good. We also have a bought house. It is all wood so if you can do a wood roof I think that would be preferable.
    Our house also has 2 small holes- a bit smaller than a penny at the back of the house – high up- close to where the roof meets the main body of the house.
    I have always presumed this was to help with condensation without allowing rain in.
    Hope it goes well

    Avatar photo

    In case you want to build another box any time, there’s some info. here:


    Hi Nic, just managed to clean out the original hog house that I got last year which didn’t have a lid, it’s been occupied until now, hence why I couldn’t clean it out last month.

    It took a lot longer to clean out than the square house that I got from the hospital, but managed to do it. Just waiting for it to dry out so I can put some newspaper down and a bit of hay.

    But so much easier and quicker to clean when they have a lid, but don’t want to get rid of it, as it seems to be the preferred choice as it’s rarely unoccupied.

    Getting another two houses from the hospital soon, square with a lid on, with the tunnel inside rather than outside. Hope they will get used, but if they don’t it will be good to keep some spare in my shed for when I get the rescued hogs back from the hospital if need be.

    Avatar photo

    Hi HedgieLover

    Well done for managing to get the hog houses cleaned out. Totally agree it’s easier to clean out the ones with a lid which opens. My first one had a sliding door part way along the front and is much more difficult to clean out.

    Yes, always useful to have a spare hog house.

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