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New home, tenant moved in on second night!

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings New home, tenant moved in on second night!

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    Having spotted signs of a visitor last autumn I decided to make a hedgehog house. Unfortunately I didn’t make it in time for hibernation, but on the 5th March I spotted some hedgehog poo and decided to get on with making it. Having made it and put it out on the 24th March, I looked inside on the morning of the 26th March and was surprised and delighted to find it inside. I had put in ‘dust extracted’ hay and it had pulled in some extra leaves to make a little circle.

    I have observed it over the past few nights and have since spoken to my neighbours and shared a bowl, some food and a sign for making a hole (should they wish) too. It was not there today (27th March) but hope it will be back later as must have another place to stay too. It can get across 3 gardens and out onto the green. Fingers crossed it will be back for some tasty hedgehog food, water and worms – which I watched it gobbling the other night. It also seemed to eat grass but not sure if it was licking the water off of it?

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    Hi char2020

    You are lucky having a hog moving in so quickly! Well done for encouraging your neighbours to show interest in the hogs as well.

    Hopefully the hog has been back again by now and maybe even some others as well.


    Been seeing lots of signs, but been a while since I have seen both hogs in person. Set up a trail camera too but seem quite good at doing a dash across the beam plus also caught a cat eating some of their biscuits. Following on from my other post ‘ having an altercation’ really pleased to see both hogs back. Will post photos. They are both very large!! Interestingly, my original hog seems more aggressive and crashed the other hogs dinner for 1. It didn’t seem to each that much and headed off exploring, walking past the other saucer of food. The second hog who actually looks slightly larger, then stayed and polished off the food and the other saucer which is in another location nearby. I had covered the food to stop the cat if it returned, but the hogs pushed the cover away ( it’s a hanging basket liner which seems to deter the cats- a suggestion I’d seen somewhere) I did lift it off them as they had both squashed in, something I was hoping to avoid in case it caused more aggression but have seen them leave before as it happened previously. I am sure competition for food is normal to a degree especially for adults and have 2 other saucers food so there is plenty for all but they initally seem to go for the same one.Pleased to see both back think I will set up a covered cat proof feeding station minus a drainpipe entrance as I think they would get stuck. I did give them a bit more food as had been putting small 20g handfuls, as per the food packet, not sure if they are just greedy or not much food around as it’s gone cold, but one gobbled rather a lot though given their size maybe they needed more ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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